As a part of its year round activities, the Jio MAMI Film Club with Star announces their second event-The Indian Premiere of Q’s Brahman Naman. After successfully launching its film club with the distinguished English actor, Ian McKellen in conversation with Aamir Khan, the MAMI Film Club will screen the hilarious coming of age comedy, on Monday 27thJune at PVR Icon, Andheri at 9pm.

Kiran Rao, Chairperson, MAMI says, “We are really excited that Q’s acclaimed new film Brahman Naman will have its India premiere in Mumbai exclusively for our MAMI Film Club members! I’m particularly looking forward to the chat with Q after the screening.”


Brahman Naman is Indian cinema at its quirkiest best. Directed by Q, whose filmography includes Gandu, Tasher Desh and Ludo. Written by Naman Ramachandran and co-produced by Celine Loop and Steve Barron, the film will be available globally starting 7th July 2016 as a Netflix original film.

Q, Director, Brahman Naman, says, “I am super excited that MAMI Film Club is presenting the premiere of Brahman Naman. My last film, Ludo, was received very well at the MAMI festival, and it went on to do very well internationally. I am sure that we will have a brilliant opening, and I look forward to audience interaction, before we go online worldwide, with Netflix.”

Qaushiq Mukherjee (Q)

Qaushiq Mukherjee (Q)

Brahman Naman stars Shashank Arora as the lead character with Tanmay Dhanania and Chaitanya Varad as his sidekicks. The cast also includes Vaiswath Shankar, Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy and Sid Mallya. Well-regarded internationally as one of India’s most vital and provocative indie filmmakers, Q’s latest cinematic cocktail is a nerdy sex comedy.

Smriti Kiran, Creative Director, MAMI says, “We are thrilled to be able to curate different activities for cinema lovers in the city. With the launch of MAMI Film Club, we aim to bring unusual and enriching cinematic experiences to the city.”