The biggest fear of a filmmaker is to get his movie cleared from the Censor board; getting that one certificate from the Indian Censor board is a hard nut to crack. Sadly not all directors and producers get the chance to clear all obstacles from the board and get that one certificate. However, there are several movies who fought this difficult battle against the censor board to get a much-deserving release. We look at some of the recent films that won this battle.

  • Udta Punjab: Udta Punjab was in the news recently for its issues with the Censor board but after all the struggle it released and had a very good response too. It has also been nominated for many awards categories.
  • Haraamkhor: Haraamkhor faced a lot of obligations because of its name, poster, and content. Despite the audience demanding good quality movies, the Censor board acts like a barrier to it. Even after every objection, the film fought and finally got a release in India after being premiered abroad in many festivals.
  • 31st October: 31st October was stuck in the Censor for its content being true and showing the reality of the situation. It was not given a go ahead because political issues connected to the movie, but after all the push it got a release.
  • NH10: NH10 too had its issues as the content was said to be too harsh to be shown to the adult audiences too. Well, after all, the disappointments was a time where it got a release date and was loved by the audience.
  • Bombay Velvet: Bombay Velvet was not allowed to release and was asked to cut words like “son of a bitch” and much more, so much that the board was not even ready to give it a U/A certificate.  But after the allegations, it did get a release and some interesting reviews.