When I saw the Poster of Movie Fukrey Some 6 months back…. I got some very good Vibes.

Seemed to be Story of 4 Friends….. Who simply love doing Fukra Panti and then would be shown as Underdogs and the movie would end with all of them fulfilling their dreams and respective Missions.

Some how the Movie was delayed …. And when it did get released…… I too got busy and was only able to watch it yesterday.

In One Word,the Movie is awesome. It is  50% of what I expected & 50% was unexpected :-)

Ok… I am not here write a Movie Review …. But to write on “7 Lessons that Fukrey Taught me”

A friend of mine Pritam Roy has written a few Blogs on similar theme based on various movies… and my inspiration comes from there.

Disclaimer: This Blog is written in Fun and I have accepted all the Dramatic and Unusual situations as if it really happened. This is for easy Understanding and Learning.


Here are my Seven lessons About Life that one can learn after seeing Fukrey.

1)    Past Performance does not Guarantee Future Results :-While going through Mutual Funds Advertisements or Forms , You would see a Disclaimer proclaiming “Past Performance does not Guarantee Future Results”

Poster of the Flop Movie “Teen they Bhai” by same Director.

Somewhat same is the case with the Director of this Movie, “Mrighdeep Singh Lamba”.  His Directorial Debut “Teen They Bhai” was a wash out. And somehow the same director has belted out one of the best movies of 2013 like Fukrey.
Don’t Worry if you have failed once, twice, thrice etc etc…….. Keep your Focus and you will Surprise everyone. Vice Versa is also true.

Director Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

2)    Never Underestimate Anybody: In the Movie, the Smackiya, The One who Steals the LPG Cylinder in firstScene, then the Bullet Tyre and eventually the Fuel tank of Lalli’s Bullet is shown to be a poor unkempt man in tattered clothes who does small robberies to pacify his Yearning for Smack.  But eventually he turns out to be a Landlord of 12 Shops in Gandhi Nagar from where he earns monthly rental in lakhs.  Any one who thinks ki aise log nahi hote….. Should visit the Old bazaars of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. Will find aplenty.

3)    However Rich you may be, but never stop doing your Work:-  The “Smackiya” had so many shops and had enough money to fulfill his lifestyle for a lifetime…… but he kept doing the work that made so much money for him. Stealing, Pilferage, Robbery.  Though this may sound Sarcastic… But there is a lesson here.

4)   Great Results are Embedded in Simple Situations:-  Simple Situations, if Pondered over, do give Great results. It’s quite often that one experiences Satori moments when he gets into details. In this Case….. Honey devoted time on analyzing unusual dreams of Choocha and Voila… They were able to get the results of Lotteries in advance.

5)   Team Work works the Best:-  Choocha’s God Gifted art of seeing a Dream which connects to the Lottery number the other day would have been useless had he not been friend with Honey who could decipher the Dream. So the lesson here is Together Everyone Achieves More, so work as a TEAM.

6)   Bottom to top is the Better Approach: Some work Happens Top Down, But almost all work happens with Bottom Up approach. There are many important functions  that the Peons, Receptionists, Repair man, Watchman can do. The same result may not be achieved if we approach the CMD or principal directly.  In Fukrey the College Watchman Panditjee was that Man Friday. Capable to do everything and maintained good relations with everyone.  So we should always look out for these people in our lives to get our work done while taking the first step.  Even a Small piece of Information from them, has the potential to change the tide of your Business.

7)   There are good people around, Who guide us in their own discreet way. Don’t ignore them:- In Fukrey the Accounts Teacher Neetu Singh was witness to Lalli’s affair with his School Mate. She gauged the gap and told Lalli that times have changed, and Lalli should come out of this notion that his schoolmate still loves him as much. Often we see that some elder or our office junior says something unusual and Advises/Alerts us against some Action or Politics in office. Most of the times this advice comes from unexpected sources and are most easy to ignore. But it should not. You never know who is wishing good for you… So keep an eye and listen when somebody advises you.

Bonus Lesson: This is most important lesson which my Accounts teacher drilled in my head multiple Times but I never remembered.

Once Lalli was asked by Police Inspector “Kya Parrati hain?” referring to his Teacher Neetu. Instead of “Accounts” He said “Debit what goes in and Credit that goes out!!!”

So Now I will remember it for Life “Debit what goes in and Credit that goes out!!!”

I am Specially Thankful to those who have not watched Fukrey and have read this blog. Believe me… do go and watch it and when you notice these instances with the Movie, you will enjoy it even more.

*Names of All the Characters of the Movie are in italics for easy understanding

– Gurpreet Singh Tikku

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