According To Her is a film on a much debated topic – whether motherhood can be a career choice or not (I believe it should be given the same respect as any other profession in the world!). If you are a parent, especially a mom, parts of this film will resonate and touch a cord with you.

This film is a reflection on how judgmental and cruel high society can be.

It’s about an acclaimed Russian pianist Veronica, who gives up playing and wants to invest her time, energy and self to bring up her child. She is married to a French banker who works in New York and who has wealthy French expat friends (read snobs), who cannot understand her wish to be a stay-home mom.

Perfect characterisation. Exceptional performances. You end up hating every snob :). You feel her turmoil and emotional roller coaster ride; she is torn between her wish to be an involved mom and the little part of her who wants to be the talented pianist she once was.

It’s an engrossing movie that ensures you empathise with Veronica, though in parts you do wish that she could let go of being mommy all the time, to re-discover her enormous talent.

There is a scene where she bursts out into a song in Russian – the entire audience, each one of the 900 people packed at Kala Academy, applauded for her!

Full marks to the actors & director Estelle Artus. Highly recommended!