The norwegian film hva vil folk si is an international co-production

Directed by Iram Haq, What Will People Say is set in Pakistan and Norway and traces how a Pakistani immigrant family deals with its teenage daughter’s affair with a local boy in Norway.

The family deals with this by sending the daughter away to stay with her extended family in Pakistan. How she faces the rigid culture in comparison to her life as a Norwegian teenager is the crux of the story.

Adil Hussain

The film has a cast and crew line-up being a co-production with over 6 nationalities involved in the making of the film. That itself is a big feat for a movie, that has already had a global reach, connect and appraise.

Adil Hussain broke the news on his Facebook account on Tuesday evening. “Our film What Will People Say is just been declared as the Norwegian official entry into Oscar 2019. Big Congratulations to Iram Haq, Maria Mozhdah, Ekavali Khanna and cast and Crew members! We hope that our film will finally be one of the films to be Nominated in Foreign Film Category at the Oscars in 2019,” he wrote.

Iram Haq

The film has been playing to amazing response through out the festival circuit winning accolades and awards internationally. “I got the news from Iram and to read the words ‘official entry to the Oscars 2019 from Norway’, next to the name of my film is a feeling so intense, that it can’t be described in words. We are overjoyed and keeping our fingers crossed for the nomination..” Ekavali told Pandolin

Ekavali Khanna
Ekavali Khanna

Only last month, Adil won the Best Actor award at the Amanda Award which are the Norwegian National Awards — the Scandinavian country’s top national film honour and dedicated it to Goalpara in Assam, his hometown.

It will be interesting to watch this development and see if it makes it way to the Oscar Nominations in the Foreign Language Film Category.