Bollywood’s Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, a widely followed personality on social media, surprised the film industry on Sunday by using a “Speaking Poster” to promote his film Wazir!

Reaching out to his fans, the phenomenal star of the Indian Cine Industry posted a ‘Speaking Poster’ – calling it Voxie – on his Facebook page. The pic was a still from the recently released film Wazir, upon tapping the photo Mr. Bachchan’s recorded voice note “is saal ki meri pehli chaal…wazir” got played. The Voxie was an instant hit receiving 10,000 likes within 1 hour of post.

The Indian film industry relies heavily on film’s posters and expensive video trailers for movie marketing. Can Mr. Bachchan’s smart use of “Speaking Poster”, where the poster embeds the most important line of the film, will make it the most dominant and effective movie marketing tool especially for targeting millennials?

To see and hear Mr. Bachchan’s #Voxie, click