Time and again advertisement campaigns in India have shown unprecedented innovation. They have been fresh, witty, emotional and relevant. In some instances, big movie stars and cricketers have spearhead major endorsements, and yet in some, relatively unknown faces have blended in with brilliant scripts and catchy jingles to produce signature ads. Here is a look at some of the best campaigns in the recent years.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Shubh Aarambh (Kuchh Meetha Hojaye)

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is synonymous with good news. Whether it is a festive season or you clearing your first driving test, every occasion calls for a Dairy Milk. In these ads, every time the characters embark on a new journey, whether of friendship or love, they do so with a Dairy Milk.

Vodafone – Zoozoo

The Vodafone Zoozoos, arguably, boast of the biggest fan following for an animated advertisement character. When they first came out during a version of the Indian Premier League, Zoozoos were an immediate hit. The Zoozoos are played by real people with foamed costumes, which gives an illusion of animation to the ad. And the best thing about the Zoozoo ads? There was a new Zoozoo ad every other day, during that campaign!

Hotstar – World Cup Mauka Ads

The 2015 Cricket World Cup saw a very interesting promotional campaign in the ‘Mauka Mauka’ ads. This series follow a Pakistani man who is frustrated of his team losing to India in every possible World Cup encounter, and hopes for redemption in every match that India plays. These ads were extremely humorous, and even hold the record for being the most spoofed ads ever. For every match, the team conceptualized and shot two ads and sent it to Star Sports. One for if India won and one for if it lost. Will Pakistan ever get their Mauka in the World Cup?

Washing Powder Nirma – Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma

Karsandas Khodidas Patel was a chemist, and started Nirma Washing Powder from a twelve square yard room in Khokra, near Ahmedabad. He named the washing powder detergent after his daughter, Nirma. The washing powder Nirma ads have remained the same since my childhood. The faces in the ad keep changing, but with the same jingle, the ads have remained abundantly consistent in their essence. Their portrayal of independent yet traditional Indian woman has always won favor from the public.

Coca Cola – Haan Haan Main Crazy Hoon

Coca Cola, like their rivals Pepsi, have had scores of actors endorsing their soft drink over a period of time. Their advertisements have always been top notch, and have had a soul of their own. The ‘Haan Haan Main Crazy Hoo’n ads were about people who were crazy enough to spread happiness. In fact, the stories are inspired by real life incidences, and the protagonists play themselves. The ad’s catchy, foot-tapping jingle was directed by Amit Trivedi.

Close Up – Kya Aap Close Up Karte Hain?

These Close Up toothpaste commercials was literally like a breath of fresh air. They featured a caricatured voice singing “Kya Aap Close Karte Hain,” which makes the jingle unforgettable till date. One of the ads from the campaign also featured Deepika Padukone, before she made her debut in Bollywood.

Happydent White

The Happydent White commercial is a creative achievement. Its depiction of whitest and shiniest possible teeth, has been on point! It has won several awards and also consistently features in lists of best Indian advertisements ever. In fact, this advertisement was the only Indian one to be selected in the prestigious Gunn Report’s list of twenty best advertisements from the 21st century, all over the world. Don’t worry if yours is a dull and gloomy life. Happydent White is surely going to light it up!


What love is to relationships, Fevicol is to objects – it creates an unbreakable bond. Considering the adhesive nature of the product, there is a lot of scope for innovation and creativity. This enables Fevicol to come up with new concepts for each of its ads, which, however, remain consistent in essence. The famous Fevicol punchline, “Dum Laga Ke Haisha,” was actually coined by accident. It was meant for FeviTight, another product of Pidilite (the company that owns Fevicol). It eventually stuck to Fevicol and did wonders for it.

5 Star – Suresh and Ramesh

This can be called the sleeper hit of ads. It follows the exploits of two recently united brothers, Suresh and Ramesh, while being lost in the delicious flavour of Five Star chocolate. Goldie and Rana, the actors who play Suresh and Ramesh, have been playing these characters for over eleven years now. Sometimes, the duo is made to eat almost fifty bars of 5 Stars each over a single shoot!

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