Shahnaab Alam, who is gearing up for the release of his new project ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ along with co-producer Priyanka Chopra, believes that she is one of the best people to work with.

Shahnaab Alam, Producer
Shahnaab Alam

“Priyanka has a very keen sense of storytelling where she grasps the finer nuances. It’s the astute focus and creative sensitivity that make her a pleasure to collaborate with. Above all, she has acquired a global perspective through her work. As a producer, these factors have been very satisfying and fruitful during the making of ‘Bhoga Khirikee”, said Shahnaab.

This film is a collaboration between Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures and Shahnaab Alam’s Easterly Entertainment, and is being jointly produced by Priyanka Chopra and Dr. Madhu Chopra along with Shahnaab Alam. Priyanka Chopra is also presenting the film. Speaking of his experience working with Dr. Chopra, Shahnaab said that Dr. Madhu’s contribution has been really vital to run the course.

“Dr. Madhu Chopra has been a solid rock of support for the entire team. She was always there in times of need. No wonder Purple Pebble Pictures functions so effectively despite Priyanka’s hectic schedules”, added Shahnaab.

The very first look, poster and release date of the movie were recently announced during a press conference in Guwahati by Shahnaab Alam, Dr Madhu Chopra, and the team.

team of 'Bhoga Khidkee'-collaboration between Priyanka's Purple Pebbles and Alam's Easterly Entertainment
The Team behind the making of ‘Bhoga Khirikee’

As for Mr. Alam, he has co-produced films like ‘Mickey Virus’, ‘D-Day’, ‘The Lunchbox’, ‘Ugly’ and many more but has now leveled up his game in B-town by co-producing one of the most interesting projects along with PC.

Director Jahnu Barua with producer Shahnaab Alam
Jahnu Barua and Shahnaab Alam

Directed by Jahnu Barua – recipient of innumerable national and international awards, the much-awaited movie will hit the screens by end of October 2018.