The trailer of film Bollywood Diaries was launched at a suburban theater in Mumbai.

The film starring talented actors like Raima Sen, Ashish Vidyarthi and Vineet Singh along with debutant Salim Diwan is dedicated to film buffs who are passionate about Hindi Cinema and explores the relationship between cine lovers and cinema.

K. D. Satyam, the writer of highly acclaimed Gattu, has directed the film.

When asked Satyam, how did he think of making a film on this subject, he says, “We keep reading about people going to any length to show their love for Bollywood. There is a person in Kolkata who has made a temple in Amitabh Bachchan’s name, there is a fan in Lucknow who has changed his name from Vishal Singh to Visharukh Khan and everything in his life revolves around the superstar. It is so fascinating to see how far people can go to express their love for film stars and cinema.”

On probing further Satyam adds, “I have met so many aspiring actors, who came to Mumbai to make it big and have been struggling for years. Many have started doing other routine jobs but they don’t let the dream die down. These were the stories that inspired me to make a film on them.”

Presented by Zee Studio, Produced by Nittin Keni and Sattar Diwan, the film is slated to release in February this year.