The city has seen various foreign language film festivals. But for the first time, Chennai will be hosting a Kannada Film Festival between 28th to 31st of July 2016. Yesterday press conference took place in the city. S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu, chairman of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy, says, “We want to promote Kannada films all over India. The festival started in Delhi and saw some great response. Earlier, Kannada films were releasing in over 60 places in Tamil Nadu. But not many were able to get the print cost. So, it was discontinued back then. But now, a lot of people outside Karnataka, including Tamil Nadu, want to watch Kannada films. Keeping the demand in mind the idea of hosting a Kannada film festival here came in order to promote the films.

They will also be hosting the fest in Hyderabad, Kochi and Mumbai, among other places. Some of the films that will be screened are Shivalinga, Mr & Mrs Ramachari, Thithi, Karva, U-Turn and Rangi Taranga, among others. “We have chosen 12 films, which are a mix of commercial and offbeat film. Interested people can watch these films for free”, the chairman of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy informs.