Sardaarji 2, The most awaited Punjabi film of the year. Starring Diljit dosanjh who is set to make his bollywood debut this year with Udta Punjab. The prequel of the movie, Sardaarji,  was one of the biggest film till date at the Box office in the Punjabi cinema till date.

Right off the bat, Sardaarji 2’s trailer gets us into the edge-of-the-seat mode. The ghost-buster Jaggi from the blockbuster prequel Sardaarji turns into a Safal Kisaan and then interestingly, an Ice-cream seller in the streets of Sydney! With the principal character of Jaggi being played by the megastar Diljit Dosanjh.Dosanjh, seemingly, gets to play a multi-shaded character this time, with the screenplay giving him enough opportunity to display a gamut of emotions.

Produced by Whitehill Productions, Sardaarji 2 stands tall on its production values too. Says Gunbir Singh Sidhu, the producer of the film, “Be it the performances, direction, cinematography or editing, I am glad that my team has left no stone unturned to create a quality product. I can assure you that Sardaarji 2 will be loved by Punjabi audience worldwide.”

Sardaarji 2 has been directed by Rohit Jugraj who directed its prequel too, and the film has been penned by the massively talented Dheeraj Rattan. The female leads include the ravishing beauties – Monica Gill, Sonam Bajwa and Mandy Takhar, who have all proved their mettle in their previous films.

What seems to be a perfect family entertainer does carry a bit of suspense element too. Oh, wait! Do we have Diljit Dosanjh in a double role? The trailer leaves us at that – ‘Go, figure yourself on 24th June!’