The first look poster of Sridhar Rangayan’s feature film Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam) was unveiled at the ongoing Film Bazaar, Goa which is one of the biggest film markets in South Asia, organized by NFDC.

Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)

Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)

The film ‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’ is being presented at the Film Bazaar’s Viewing Room to distributors, sales agents and film festival programmers.

“Really happy to share with everyone the first look poster of our film ‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’ at the Film Bazaar”, said director and producer Sridhar Rangayan, “The marketplace offers a great opportunity for the film to be viewed by industry professionals and there is a good interest by distributors for unique content.”


“The first look poster has gone viral on social media and attracting a lot of positive interest by audiences who are now eager to see the film”, added Rangayan.

‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’ is an emotional film that tells the story of Vasudha, a woman in a small town in South India, who is caught between her dogmatic husband and her loving son. Her world changes when her son Kartik tells her he is gay, and she is unable to understand this harsh reality. Under the evening shadows, truth plays hide and seek.

Produced by Solaris Pictures, starring Ananth Mahadevan, Mona Ambegaonkar, Devansh Doshi and Arpit Chaudhary in the lead, the film has been crowdfunded with about 180 global contributors.

Watch trailer here: