In the world of independent cinema, there exist many heroes who continue to invest time and finance in a largely non-commercial medium; right from filmmakers striving for quality on low-budgets to the producers who back them. Therefore, those people who give these filmmakers a platform are immediately worth recognising. Of them are the online distributor Fliqvine and the film festival Bangalore International Short Film Festival. 

Fliqvine, an internet-based film service, invites independent filmmakers to upload their work and consumers to buy these movies for viewing, thereby creating a two-way medium. Passionately dedicated to the non-mainstream filmmakers working on the fringe, Fliqvine makes it possible for indie cinema to strive for more recognition. In the last one month, Pandolin extensively spoke to several filmmakers who’ve employed the use of Fliqvine as a vehicle for their work. This month, however, Fliqvine brings to fore one of India’s first online film festivals. Sit up, and take notice.

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While several film festivals in India have materialised in the last five years or so, they are often offline in nature. With the internet driving the consumption patterns of urban India, it was only time that a film festival too chose the online medium for better reach. This is why the Bangalore International Short Film Festival (BISFF) in association with Fliqvine is bringing to you their online film festival.


The BISFF is one of the more celebrated film festivals held in Bangalore that, every year, screens around 300 films during its 3-day programme. These short films are meticulously picked from India and around the world; depending on the submissions made by some enthusiastically fresh talent. Held between the 28th and the 30th of August this year, people from around the world can have a taste of the movies presented at BISFF, much after the festival is over.

Of the 300-odd movies that are screened at the festival, 26 of them will make it to Fliqvine as part of an online short film festival. These films, hailing from India and 9 other countries will constitute what will be one of the first online film festivals to happen in India.


Pandolin lists out some of the films chosen to be a part of this online cinematic spectacle –

Directed : Rubén Sainz
Country : Spain

The black comedy featuring a troubled marriage that leads to an unusual situation is a 15 minute tale that comes from Spain.

Somewhere Down The Line
Directed by: Julien Regnard
Country : Ireland

This gorgeous animated tale features a road trip, as you may have guessed, a relationship at the centre of it, and a certain level of suspense that follows it through and through. This seems like a highly gripping watch.

The French Revolution
Directed by : Hai Afik
Country : Israel

The uncannily titled The French Revolution is the story of a couple, faced with miscreants on the street outside their house, opening themselves and their home to a few strangers. What could go wrong?

A Bitter Taste
Directed by : Mireia Juarez
From : Spain

The mystical trailer offers very little, but the description makes the trailer seem much more alluring. Is a beer what you will offer to a poor, thirsty girl?

No Place
Directed by : Nina S.F. Engel
Country: Spain

A man, having completed his sentence, finds himself at a gas station helping out lost women. How does this tale weave out?

Directed by : Alexis Michalik
Country : France

Grief, confusion, amalgamated with anger towards the system. Here is a woman, stranded at the airport trying to make it in time to her mother’s burial, seeking help from stewardess.mediaFirst World Problems
Directed by : Hanna Maylett
Country : Finland

The ironically titled First World Problems is all about losing a car in a parking lot. Is that the end of the world? Or does it lead to more things?

Casa Capuchinas
Directed by : Jorge Orozco Watson
Country: Mexico

Two women in a house, a death, and a knife, are all the components of this striking trailer, leaving very little to be assumed.

En Route
Directed by: Xu Zhang
Country: United States of America

A highly american tale, En Route is about a group of strangers bumping into each other, with neither of them being able to speak the same language. There is much lost in translation, but like the trailer promises, there is enough warmth to be found.

Firme Usted Aquí
Directed by: Rodrigo Zarza
Country: Spain

This noire comedy centred around an administrative’s decision for launching a euthanasia initiative for old people centres around a family, and is sure to involve some satirical laugh out loud moments.

Cañon corto
Directed by : Alejo Serra
Country : Spain

In his life, Javier continues to be oblivious, to those around him; with his days being the most generic of them all. But only an extraordinary adventure can turn his life around.

Every Other
Directed by: Nikolay Kotyash
Country: Russia

Nikolay Kotyash is quite the name in the international short film festival, having made films that have toured several film festival. His ‘Every Other’ also won him the Best Director at The Unprecedented Cinema International Festival of Short Film.

Button Eyes / Olhos de Batao
Directed by: Marlom Meirelles
Country: Brazil

This Brazilian piece of cinematic work is a fictional suspense, about a couple living away, isolated in the countryside, aware of their conversations going dry, and taking in a lost young girl until she finds her family. With jealously on the fringes, how does this one pan out?

button eyes

Directed by: Karthik Shridharan
Country: USA

This short film involves a protagonist by the name of Bharat, a condescending man who gets caught in the web of mysterious tremors. What could they be?

Directed by: Pallavi MD & Shamik Sen Gupta
Country: India

A child’s playground is an adult’s ground for breeding discord. This, a gruesomely contemporary Indian tale is a boy feeling out of place in the complexity and conflict brought on by adults.

Directed by: Pranav Harihar Sharma
Country : India

Watermelon found a mention in the Short Film category at the Festival of Cannes, so the reputation preceding the film helmed by the creative director of Linen Lintas is already high. What does happen when a neighbour chances upon you having killed your husband in a quarel? Check out this movie to find out.

Directed by: Raghav Bhotika
Country: India

Liberation is hard to come by, as we find out from Pitstop’s protagonist Heer’s want to move on from her past, that is much in urgency to catch up with her. Why the hurry?

Oru Iravu
Directed by: Balajee KS
Country: India

A police officer, out to nab a drug dealer, in the middle of the night, discovers a whole new truth which completely changes his outlook on life.

Directed by: Rajdip Ray
Country: India

Rajdip Ray, a filmmaker form Calcutta has established quite the repertoire in the independent film circuit, with his Rajdip Ray productions, making Crash a movie most anticipated.

crashGoodbye, Mayfly
Directed by: Siddhartha Gigoo
Country: India

Kashmir continues to remain a compelling subject for Indian cinema, and Goodbye, Mayfly, with Kashmir as its backdrop promises to be a visual and emotional journey.

Directed by: Major Sajeev K V
Country: India

The trailer of Ruffian seems a highly theatrical drama, with emotions of patriotism, revolutionism, and love thrown in to create a heady mix of a story.

Directed by: Kundan Roy, Priyashanker Ghosh
Country: India

The teaser of Umbrella seems unabashedly potboiler in treatment, there is tension, probably violence and definite high run of emotions.

Directed by: Subhajit Dasgupta
Country: India

Chimes from the outward, has all the elements for an unsuspecting horror movie. Skewed up landlords, a family moving into a new flat. You want to know how this pans out.

El Taxi
Directed by: shotz7
Country: India

This psychological thriller involves a cheating, intoxicated taxi driver, who believes in no deities, as he loots customers through the night. What can go wrong?

Directed by: Shashank Sogal
Country: India

This comedy form Karnataka helmed by Shashank Sogal brings together a fun element while deftly combining it with a thriller.

The Catalyst
Directed by: Vaishnavi Sundar
Country: India

Morality in India often follows the steadfast route, but here is a movie by Vaishnavi Sunday questioning the very basis of it in contemporary society.

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