Delhi-­‐based filmmaker Ajay Govind has produced and directed a music video based on a fusion version of the popular Malayalam composition Karuna Cheyvan. The video will have an online release on various digital platforms on 8th May, 2016.

The video celebrates the role that a mother plays in shaping the imagination of her child.

“It was a privilege to work with Dr. Bose’s composition and Dr. Menon’s choreography. Three different art forms come together to form what I hope will be a unique experience for people who follow traditional dance, music and film,” Ajay said about the production of the video.

Pondicherry-­‐based Carnatic vocalist and music composer Dr. P. V. Bose reinterpreted the composition by adding western instrumentation to the song penned by the well-­‐known composer Irayimman Thampi in the 18th century.

“In the album, I wished to reinterpret classical compositions so that they become more accessible for music lovers, especially the youth. But taking that further, Ajay has definitely visualized this song in a different way and I had a great time working with him and his crew on the video,” Dr. Bose said.

Delhi-­‐based Mohiniyattam dancer Dr. Jayaprabha Menon has choreographed the sequences in the film, which were written by Ajay Govind.

“Ajay had very clearly imagined the kind of look and feel he wanted which made it very easy. I have been preparing my students for stage performances, but training them for a video shoot and choreographing for it was also an exciting experience,” Dr. Jayaprabha said.

Produced under the banner of Sisyphus Rocks Films, the video celebrates the relationship between a mother and her child through two parallel stories. While we see one mother in a formal setting teaching/practicing a dance form, with her daughter, we see the younger mother at home with her son—but it’s the love for dance that forms a thread connecting the two stories.

“It’s not necessarily possible to pass on the skill involved in creating art, but the passion for it can definitely be passed on. And I definitely owe my love for music and literature to my parents. The song is essentially an ode to that.”

Ajay Govind has produced and directed a feature film which had a theatrical release in 2014 and has since directed a couple of music videos for independent artists and is currently working on his next independent feature film. His company Sisyphus Rocks Films recently line produced National Award winning filmmaker Onir’s film Shab and actor-­‐turned-­‐director Samir Soni’s My Birthday Song in Delhi.

The decision to have a digital release for the video is in keeping with the growing trend where artists are finding ways to reach their audiences directly through the internet. And Ajay Govind is sure that having a release on Mother’s Day will give the video an edge over the innumerable songs and videos that are available online.