Q's Garbage is a gritty socio-political drama featuring Tanmay Dhanania, Satarupa Das and Trimala Adhikari

A political drama that reflects the times we are living in, Garbage, Q’s new directorial venture will be premiering at Panorama, Berlinale this year.

Produced by Shaailesh R Singh and Hansal Mehta of Karma Entertainment & Media LLP, and Q of ODDJOINT, the film tells the story of Phanishwar (Tanmay Dhanania), Nanaam (Satarupa Das) and Rami (Trimala Adhikari), who are lost in their own dark worlds, and come together only to inflict damage on each other.

Phanishwar is a taxi driver in Goa, living with a mysterious girl, Nanaam, who he keeps in chains. When Rami, a medical student, and a victim of revenge porn leaked online by an ex-boyfriend, seeks refuge in Goa, she stumbles into the strange but placid lives of Phanishwar and Nanaam.

What ensues is an intricate, steely drama between the characters, questioning and confronting the prevalent concepts of gender, freedom and faith, as is in India, today.

“I see garbage as a strong metaphor of human existence. I am shocked at the level of violent patriarchy and general apathy around me. India has been changing, and sucking itself into an abyss of misunderstanding and delusion, aided strongly by mainstream religious sentiments.

There’s an imminent threat of the fragile social fabric imploding and affecting everyone. Garbage is my way of trying to understand the tension’ says Q.

“I really liked what Q narrated to us and with Garbage being the only Indian film at Panaroma Berlinale, Hansal and I are proud of our association with the film. We hope it will be liked”, says Shaailesh R Singh.

In the world of independent cinema, Q is well known for his subversive storytelling and controversial cult films that question the established status quo.

Q’s experiments with filmmaking started with vivid and potent tales of contemporary Bengali culture, both fictional and non-fictional, back in 2009. Since then his films have explored the fringes of popular culture, collaborating with producers and actors across the globe.

Seven years after Gandu, one of his most well known works, Garbage is all set for its world premiere at Panorama, at the Berlin International Film Festival, which seeks out new impulses in the prevailing trends and in cinematic creation, from across the world.