Thinking and acting beyond clichés! That’s been the underlying mission statement of the team behind Girliyapa – a premium online content channel about women that intends to create progressive content, not only for women but about women and the issues they battle and are confronted with in their daily lives!

The all women team at Girliyapa aims at sharing fun, quirky stories from a woman’s perspective including getting their viewers to think beyond clichés. The Girliyapa team of women want to say things women always ‘think of’, but never say perhaps because of their fear of being judged by society and her peers.

This time the issue that takes precedence over all others, is the burning issue of marital rape that many of our young married women face today.  In times of trouble, when Nani, Mummy, Papa, Mausa, Masi, Masi, and Masi come together, there’s nothing that cannot be solved by an Indian family! Right? Let’s face it,  women in India will not be free from the shackles of injustice. Not today. Not tomorrow. And by giving up and accepting it all as a part of the life thrust upon us, well, that’s not going to make life any easier for us all is it?

Time for Change. Time to Change.

This satire takes a cynical look at the issue of marital rape in the form of a sitcom, with the wish that maybe, one day, we might start thinking differently. It’s time for change. Change the way we think, change our mindsets. But most of all, instituting changes in a place most of us consider to be the “safest” – our homes.

Talking about her team’s latest video, Tracy Dsouza, Channel Head, Girliyapa, said, “I want people to watch the video and REACT to it in the right way! Let’s ask ourselves who do we really relate to in the video, the most? Should the protagonist have given in to the pressures? It’s time for women to speak up!! And what better way than for Girliyapa to voice it! Write in to us with #IWillSpeakUp and let us know what you all think.”

It’s 2016, after all. So promise yourself this.  #IWillSpeakUp.