Day 3 had a few more Red Carpet Events; one being an International Premiere. Masterclasses held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also took place on Day 3 of the festival.

Press Conference: Indian Panorama

The first conference of the day, included two directors from the Indian panorama.

Kaadu Pookkunna directed by Dr. Biju, and Daarvtha directed by Nishant Roy Bombarde, both who were in attendance. The duo talked about their films, how they were received, and were open to all questions from the audience, even going on to explain the story behind their films.


Kaadu Pookkunna- Poster

Masterclass – Rosalie Varda

Rosalie Varda held a Masterclass on Costume Designing. The French costume designer talked about her inspiration, and how she was heavily influenced, right as a child as she came from a family rooted in cinema. Besides a designer, she is also a curator of exhibitions and books.

“A costume has no point, if it isn’t brought to life by the actor.”


Rosalie Varda

“My childhood was like a fairytale, as I was always surrounded by actors, and brought up in a family rooted in cinema.”

Masterclass – Sid Ganis

Ex-President of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, says all the presidents take immense pride when it comes to their job. It is an honour. His love for films began way back in Brooklyn. Interestingly, Satyajit Ray’s film Pather Panchali was one of the first few foreign films he watched, that inspired him to go down this path. His Masterclass was on Foreign Language Film Selection for Oscar Awards.

Red Carpet – Mantra

Mantra starring Rajat Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin, both who walked down the Red Carpet, was screened earlier this evening.



Red Carpet – Irudhi Suttru and Amdavad ma Famous

The cast and crew of both films attended the Red Carpet event at The International Film Festival of India. Irudhi Suttru is a hit sports drama, while Amdavad ma Famous is a documentary film.

Red Carpet – Like Cotton Twines

Our International Film premiere for the day, Like Cotton Twines is an African drama film. The Red Carpet event was held at Inox and was attended by the cast and some of the crew. Based in a remote Ghanaian village where a volunteer meets Tuigi, a 14-year-old girl who is to become Trokosi; slave to the gods, a practice of religious slavery. Accepting of her fate, Tuigi’s only desire it to be able to write her GED. Locked in a battle between history, church and state, Micah is determined to give Tuigi a life outside tradition.

Serendipity Art Festival – Let’s Talk

Serendipity Art Festival in association with The International Film Festival of India curated the Let’s Talk series. The topic of discussion with Bhuvan Lal, Sudhir Mishra, Vani Tripathi and Bharat Bala was “Creating 1.3 Billion Cinema Addicts?”