National award-winning editor Apurva Asrani shares his list of brilliantly edited films, that are a must watch for every filmmaker, and what is it that makes them stand out.

Apurva Asrani

Parinda – It’s Renu Saluja in her prime with genre defining narration, a great mix of popular cinema and she used those pigeons bloody well!


Ardh Satya – Its non-stylised, brutal cutting approach wowed me.


The Shining – The fear was made more palpable due to slight suggestions of horror in the editing pattern, as opposed to full blown scary stays.


 Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind – Snatches of random memories beautifully adorned the narrative, giving us a peek into the protagonist’s mind.


12 Years A Slave – It proved to everyone that length has nothing to do with pace. Even at 134 minutes, with long drawn-out shots, it could move really fast.


Sholay – The action was brilliantly shot & edited. I especially remember the cut when Thakur says ‘loha garam hain mar do hathoda’, and we cut to Gabbar’s face and the ‘Mehbooba’ song. Superb pace throughout.


Guide – Vijay Anand is the guru I never met. He built this film from a gentle love story to a cacophonous battle in ‘Raju’s’ mind. Pure genius.


– By Priyanka Jain