He made his debut as the charming boy in Karan Johar’s Student of The Year. Sidharth Malhotra has since come a long way and carved a niche for himself with a varied choice of roles. In Raj & DK’s A Gentleman, Sidharth experiments with two completely different characters in one film.

From performing his own stunts to experimenting with situational comedy and being paired opposite Jacqueline Fernandez for the first time, the actor talks about the action comedy.

Sidharth Malhotra


Your character is defined as “Sundar, Sushil and Risky”. But what is Sidharth Malhotra really like?

I’m a mix of all three. In real life, no person can be put into just one bracket. I’m a big universe; it’ll not take one question but a lifetime to know me.

You’re playing two extremely different characters, how did you juggle both these personalities?

This is the first time that I’m playing two different characters in one film. It’s not a typical double role film but a story about mistaken identity. However, the two characters are so different; one is extremely sober while the other is an action guy, so it was fun to play both. Obviously, the action part was more fun.

How would you describe Jacqueline as a co-star?

Jacqueline is great. She’s always in a positive mood and that always helps. She’s self-made and extremely hardworking. We share a great friendship.

The film has high-octane action, what was the kind of training you underwent? How would you describe the overall experience?

I did undergo extensive training. The French trainer Cyrus Rafaeli who has done movies like the Transporter series trained me in hand-to-hand combat. It does take a toll on you physically. I lost weight, got some scars. But it’s a part and parcel of the film. The action in this film is big; it’s larger than life. And I’ve done 95% of the action myself so that it looks very real.

Many actors find it hard to perform comedy. Did you face any challenges?

It wasn’t hard because it (comedy) was already there in the script. We’re not adding punch lines to make people laugh. It’s more like a situational comedy.