There are times when someone with innocent questions can make you step back and think. ‘Laddoo’, directed by Sameer Sadhwani, Kishor Sadhwani is one such short film. Its powerful and original.

Laddoo is a short film directed by Sameer and Kishore Sadhwani, presented by Neeraj Pandey and Plan C Studios, produced by Shital Bhatia. The film is about an inquisitive boy who sets out to feed the ‘Pandit’ food on the occasion of his grandfather’s death anniversary. 

Kumud Mishra in ‘Laddoo’

He finds the temple closed. What he does next to ensure that his grandfather gets his food forms the rest of the story. Starring Kumud Mishra, Manasi Parekh and Kabir Sajid
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