#LettersFromPrague starts off with an intriguing story: a girl Laras (Julie Estelle) in Indonesia has to deliver a box of letters to a man she has never met or heard of in Prague in order to inherit her dead mom’s house. The rest of the story may be predictable; and yet, the execution is so beautiful!

The man, Mr Jaya (Tio Pakusadewo) is a janitor in an opera house (or some prestigious auditorium) and is a talented musician as well – he sings, plays the piano & harmonica and writes songs. In his previous life in Indonesia, he happened to be a nuclear scientist!

Laras, who is young enough to be his daughter, has filed for divorce and has just lost her mother – someone she wasn’t very close to. All she wants is to deliver this box of letters to the man and get his signature so she can get the house and money to pay the lawyers. She travels to Prague and meets him, but he refuses to sign. The entire film is spread across the few days she spends with him there.

Letters from Prague is a poignant love story that shows only one side of the love story 🙂. Yet, you can experience it. Whenever the piano plays, you can feel your heart aching along.

Like Bollywood, the actors break out into songs… beautiful songs that haunt you later on. The theme song in particular is a winner.

The director Angga Dwimas Sasongko keeps you emotionally entangled throughout the film. Don’t be surprised if you discover a lump or two in your throat. Glenn Fredly’s music deserves a special mention. Julie Estelle & Tio Pakusadewo steal the show and even sing their own songs!

Letters from Prague is a gentle reminder that human relationships and a good love story will never go out of fashion. Recommended for romantics 🙂