Ankit Tiwari is one of the finest contemporary singers who has created a new benchmark for himself with each of his songs. Known for his soulful tracks, Ankit is now breaking away from convention with his latest single ‘Badtameez’. The recently released track is packed with intense emotions like aggression and will also see the singer facing the camera for the first time. As the song climbs the chartbuster list, we catch up with the musician to know more about the making of the track and the response it has garnered.

Ankit Tiwari with Sonal Chauhan in Badtamezz

Ankit Tiwari with Sonal Chauhan in Badtameez

What was the inspiration behind Badtameez?

I think more than inspiration, Badtameez was more to do with developing an idea. Most people would expect me to make a nice romantic song, which would’ve been extremely easy for me. That is why we decided to do something different. We did not want any filmy situation in this song and it was then that we came up with the idea and concept for Badtameez.

How different is it from your other songs?

I think this is a very different song, in fact, Badtameez is not my type of a song, with respect to what people have heard (from me) so far. My previous songs have been soulful and emotional or sensual, but this is nothing like that. Badtameez has a lot of aggression and anger in it, in short, it is a kind of song which I have never done before and I was very excited about that.

How different is the process of making a single as compared to scoring music for a film? Does it give you more creative liberty?

I think creative liberty is present in both. But in singles, unlike films, there is no specific situation. In movies there is an already established story and you are fitting a song in that story. Here (in a single) you think and create situations. So in a single, you can work on a song that you want to work on. For example, Badtameez is not a normal song, neither is it romantic nor sad. It belongs to a different genre.

So how would you describe the emotions shown in the song?

In this song, I am talking about the kind of love where you lose your sleep. When two people love each other a lot and they are happy and enjoying that moment with each other. But when people fall in love there are a lot of things that can go wrong and sometimes hearts are broken and people undergo pain and suffering. But generally no one celebrates this pain and suffering. We are celebrating this pain in Badtameez. This song is for everyone who has experienced heartbreak.

Sidhant Sachdev has directed this video. Having worked with him earlier too, how was the association this time around?

He was the AD in Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain and it was there that we interacted a lot and became friends. I told him about my plan of working on a single and I wanted him to direct it from the start. I trust him a lot and since this is so new to me, I wanted someone I know. He told me not to worry and I think he has proved himself and done great work.

How was the experience of facing the camera for the first time?

It was very exciting and I had a lot of fun. We shot for three days, two days in Goa and one day in Mumbai. I enjoyed the process way too much. It felt that I was doing something different, something new.

Moreover, the entire team that was working on Badtameez has been very helpful. Lyricist Manoj Muntashir, who has written the song really well, supported me a lot. My own company, Brotherhood Entertainment, backed me throughout the making of the song. Moreover, Sidhant actually trained me for some 5-6 days where I learnt a lot of new things.  Also, Sonal Chauhan, whom I had met a couple of times before shooting, supported me a lot on the sets while we were shooting. There was nothing about the shoot that made me uncomfortable. The entire cast and crew have contributed to make this song what it is. This was a team effort, which I think is paying off extremely well.

What has been the response to the single so far? 

We had more than one million views in two days and it just keeps increasing, so I think the response has turned out to be quite good. And, I am very happy about it as this is my first single, this encourages me to make many more.

Are you working on more singles in the near future?

This one has just come out. Right now I haven’t planned anything. Currently my focus is on film music. But yes, as and when I get a chance I will get back to making more singles. Once I get a good idea or concept, something that is different, I will definitely work on it.

Is there a signature style that you try to incorporate in all the music that you make? If yes, what is this style?

I don’t think that I have a particular signature style that I stick to, but if I have to pick something then it would be the melody of the song. I generally stick to the melody.

Which other films are you working on currently and what kind of music can we look forward to?

There are quite a few movies that are coming up including Junooniyat and Rustom. Tum Bin 2 and a couple of others are coming up in the near future.

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