While watching a movie, as an audience we barely (consciously) are able to recognise the cinematography that is involved. However, needless to say, it is one of the most important aspect of a movie that is instrumental in making any movie a good, watchable movie. An average movie has over 10000s of frames and it requires a certain talent to ensure all the frames are visually appealing and technically feasible at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the cinematographers of 2015 who are laudable for their movies in the year 2015!

bahubali the beginning sceneBahubaliK.K Senthil Kumar

Bahubali is undoubtedly the most spectacular movie of 2015. This epic movie has the grand and breath-taking shots in nearly every frame. Senthil Kumar has efficiently managed to balance the VFX and camera generated shots. The camera captures the grandiose of the movie in the best possible way.
The visual appeal of this movie is credible for making Bahubali what it is – the blockbuster of 2015.

Detective Byomkesh BakshyByomkesh bakshi – Nikos Andritsakis

This greek cinematographer has given us one of the most visually appealing film in Bollywood. With mindful use of lighting, Nikos Andritsakis has been able to highlight the essential elements of Calcutta in 1943. Also, lighting used on the character’s face is noticeable and makes a statement. The contrast settings are brilliant and makes the film vibrant in it’s own way.

Ranbir & AnushkaBombay Velvet – Rajeev Ravi

One of the many period films bollywood witnessed in 2015, Bombay Velvet is one of it’s kind. With a sepia splashed theme, the vintage movie has been well presented. The gloomy yet golden appearance perfectly fits the mood of the movie. The shots have been crafted bit by bit and the cinematography of Bombay Velvet certainly stands out.

Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao MastaniBajirao Mastani – Sudeep Chatterjee

This magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of the most awaited movie of 2015. Bhansali pairs once again with Sudeep Chatterjee to make this glamorous and golden movie based on the Maratha Empire of 18century. The colors and frames of this movie are vibrant and essence of the move is conveyed rightly. A movie with this amount of extravagance needs a seamless cinematography and Sudeep chatterjee has done a stellar job in managing this.

Vicky_Shweta_Masaan1Masaan – Avinash Arun

One of the most talented and young cinematographer we have seen, it is never enough said about Avinash Arun Dawhare. Masaan has an enchanting visual appeal and shows a mix of pale and bright shots. He justifies the holy Indian hinterland, Varanasi. This movie is heartily done and we can feel it too, which makes the movie exclusive, in a way.

Varun-Dhawan-In-Badlapur-Movies-2015Badlapur – Anil Mehta

This intense action movie has some outstanding actors and the cinematography compliments the intensity of the movie, throughout. This dark, gritty and yellow movie has the perfect frames and composition for every scene. This helps in portraying the precise emotion. The brutal and action scenes are smoothly done, in a realistic manner.

TitliTitli – Siddharth Diwan

Siddharth Diwan’s poignant cinematography perfectly portrays the theme of this film. The gritty camerawork and subtle game of lights gives you the feels at the right time. The hand-held camera shots are executed with perfection and the overall appearance of the movie makes you feel stressed, the way it’s supposed to be.

Randeep Hooda Main Aur CharlesMain aur Charles – Anuj dhawan

Main aur charles has a peculiar style of filming. The camera work is sleek and perfect. The frames and angles tease you and seduce you just as per the protagonist. This also happens to be a period film and the cinematography is smoothly done with a contemporary style of filming.

X1X-past is present – Multiple Cinematographers

One of the most Unique movies of Bollywood in 2015, X-Past is present is an anthology. All major aspects of the film are experimental in nature. Flashy cinematography, abstract angles and intriguing shots keep you hooked to the film and goes well the overall theme of the movie. This movie has a lot to show and tell and the cinematographers capture every bit of this.

Still from TamashaTamasha – Ravi Varman

Tamasha gives you a beautiful, consistent and fresh outcome of camera work done by Ravi varman. Cinematography is crucial in location driven films and Ravi varman does complete justice to this one. He has painted the movie in a radiating manner and the use of soft light is well executed around the characters.

-Kiran Dave

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