Calling out to all Filmmakers! Here’s a great chance to make a difference. Create a 2 minute short film on anyone of the 5 themes from Parle Mtv The Junkyard Project Film Festival website and stand a chance to win 1 Lakh rupees for the Best Film.
The top 5 films selected will be featured on MTV India!

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Here are the themes:
PARLE 20-20 LIFE: Here’s your chance to do something really BIG! As a representative of the youth, you’re restless and ready to take on the world. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world” So, walk the talk and lead by example. One person can make all the difference, you can be The Change-maker!

If you find yourself with junk, don’t throw it just anywhere. Hold on to it till you see the nearest dustbin or better yet take it home with you and dunk it in your bin!

Think of your junk as a person. It be could anything from a paper cup to a shopping bag. Imagine what it would say to you, like how you abandoned it on the street or threw it in a gutter only for it to be eaten by cows, dogs and crows. Sometimes quirky stories make for the best stories.

Help reduce the carbon footprint by choosing to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Pick one or be cool and pick all three.

Find a way to shame people who litter and help them understand why it’s terrible for the environment. Help them practice what you preach.

Participating is easy, follow these simple steps to enter:
Upload your short film on your YouTube Channel.
Enter your details, Theme name and share your YouTube link here!

Competition Launch date 16th March 2016.
Competition Deadline on 8th April 2016.