Mukkabaaz has opened to few of the best reviews that Anurag Kashyap has received in the past couple of years. The film’s performances that include Zoya Hussain, Vineet Singh, Ravi Kishan and Jimmy Shergill at the helm are all being revered and it’s being called the return of the much loved director Anurag Kashyap’s element after back to back box-office failures.

We catch up with the co-writer of the film right from the first draft of Mukkabaaz, the writer-actor Vineet Singh’s sister Mukti Singh Srinet who is a sportsperson, PHD and a teacher in Benaras.

Mukti Singh Srinet

Mukti Singh Srinet

You and Vineet are both Basketball players, did you write the story from that perspective or it was always Boxing?

Yes, we both were national level Basketball players, I did my Ph.D. in Physical Education and this is also the area of my study, we experienced that side of sports which is unseen. We just tried to bring that area in front of all and yeah it was always Boxing.


What was it like to present the story to Anurag Kashyap. Tell us about how it happened, what did you do and what was his reaction?

Vineet had to play the protagonist “Shravan Kumar Singh” this was very clear from day one in our mind which wasn’t easy. In this whole process he met with so many people but things didn’t worked, it took nearly three years till he approached Anurag sir for the feedback and he bounced his script to him.

However, Anurag sir’s call was a complete surprise for Vineet and me. Anurag sir liked the script but he had two conditions that first Vineet had to become a Boxer and second he will make changes with the script but assured Vineet that he will do this film only with him. So of course both of us were on a high! It was high time,  because we’d been waiting for this for so long.


What were the additions Anurag Kashyap made to the original writing you presented him with? 

Well we had given the script in an expert’s hand, so whatever changes Anurag sir made to the script were really so good and well connected to the present time. He added more relevant things, which portrayed the hardships of normal people lives.


With brother Vineet Singh

With brother Vineet Singh for a scene in the film

What is your process of writing? How do you start? At what point do you start engaging with your brother on the story level?

I always try to write on things which my heart wants to say and it must have strong connection to people lives. We used to discuss on the ideas and then we start digging that is in this film Mukkabaaz we started finding and collecting the material, checking its authenticity and we were surprised what’s going on. The collaboration was right through from the beginning till the end. 

 Vineet had to play the protagonist “Shravan Kumar Singh” this was very clear from day one in our mind which wasn’t easy. 

This was going to be a big project the moment Anurag Kashyap was ready to direct it. What was it like to know that one of the best film maker will bring your story to celluloid?

I have always been a big fan of Anurag sir. He is a genius, and above of all he is a very good by heart and he strongly believes in growing others too, he can make you understand the small things in the process of film making. You can learn a lot from him.

It was the happiest moment for all of us when he took the responsibility of the script.


Discussions during the climax scene of Mukkabaaz

Discussions during the climax scene of Mukkabaaz

The film release, if all goes well; will change Vineets life, your life and a lot of things around this film. Comment? 


Finger crossed! Hope so!

It took 18 years from our lives and I have seen Vineet’s 18 years of struggle very closely. I have seen him awakened whole night thinking how much more will it take, but thanks to Anurag Kashyap sir for giving this big golden chance to him and he has given his 100% to this role. He has left no stones unturned to accomplish his dream.


What are you doing next? What are you writing?

 I am writing something but this is very early stage to talk anything about it.