14th-MAMI-Film-FestivalWaiting in queues for hours to watch your favorite films at the Mumbai Film Festival is no more the case, as the festival has launched an online registration portal wherein all registered delegates can reserve a ticket online for a film two days prior to the screening at any of the three venues. This portal can be used on phone, iPad, tablets and laptops. The link to the portal will be available on www.mumbaifilmfest.com

How to book a ticket?

– Tickets can be booked from Mumbai Film Festival website. Registrations have begun from October 16, 2013.

– Log in to the registration portal using the Registration ID and Password printed on the registration badge.

– Select the film that you want to watch.

– You will get a confirmation SMS for the reservation. Once confirmed, the reservation cannot be cancelled.

– You can click on the tab ‘My Screenings’ to view the films you have selected and make modifications on your selected screenings.

– Volunteers with computers will be present at all venues to help reserve a ticket for those who do not have access to the internet.

What to remember:

– The confirmation SMS and the registration badge should be produced to enter the theater.

– Seat numbers will not be allotted in the reservation process, you can chose where to sit.

– You have to be seated 10 minutes before the film is due to start. Your reservation will stand cancelled if you are not present at least 10 minutes before the screening.

– If you lose the confirmation message, the volunteers at the cinema will help get a printed copy of the ticket.

– Reservations can be made only two days prior to the screening of the desired film.

– You can reserve maximum 5 screenings for a day.

– You will not be able to reserve two films scheduled at the same time or multiple tickets for the same film.

Source : www.dearcinema.com