A Producer’s role in a film is not just limited to managing the finances. It goes far beyond to ensure the smooth functioning of the filmmaking process. Here are key points that every Producer, new or established needs to keep in mind.

It’s really important to do intensive pre-production — it’s more important than the actual production, because it dictates how long the process will take

Another important thing is — treat your spot-boys with as much love and respect as your senior producers. There’s no need to scream at people to get work done, just treat people with respect and they will treat the film as if it is their own.

hirdly, as a production team, make sure that you have good food on time available for your crew as these people have to do so much physical labour

I also feel like you have to consciously try and balance the male-female ratio of the unit, and make sure that everyone is aware of the Vishakha Guidelines regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. No form of sexual disrespect will be entertained, the set is a workplace, and not a place of inappropriate ‘jokes’.

When you’re working on an independent film, if you’re unable to pay people on time — don’t make them call you. You call them up and let them know if there’s going to be a delay in payment, and apologize for it.