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Awards 2016Pandolin Awards

Pandolin Technical Awards 2016 | Winners

By  •  5 months ago

The Pandolin Technical Awards are an endeavor to recognize and honor the extraordinary individuals involved in the process of filmmaking. In the fourth year of its …
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Awards 2016

Pandolin Technical Awards 2016 – Nominations & Voting

By  •  8 months ago

Introducing the Category Nominations & Voting of Pandolin’s 4th annual people’s choice technical awards.

Results will be out soon.


Awards 2015Pandolin AwardsPandolin Awards

Results: Pandolin Technical Awards 2015

By  •  2 years ago

Best Docu/Drama Theater Release:

Winner: The World Before Her – 51.0%

Runner-Up: Gulabi Gang – 30.6%


Best VFX:

Winner: Prime Focus – Bang Bang!, Kick 49.5%

Runner-Up:  Anibrain – Roar Tigers …
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Awards 2015Pandolin Awards

Spirit of Pandolin |3rd Pandolin Technical Awards

By  •  2 years ago

There was a time when different elements of a film were individually acknowledged and appreciated in India. Hollywood celebrates movie’s magicians most notably through the Academy Awards with …
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Awards 2015Pandolin AwardsPandolin Awards

Pandolin Awards 2015 | Nominations

By  •  2 years ago

Announcing the Pandolin Awards 2015 featuring the best of 2014.
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Pandolin AwardsAwards 2014

The Spirit of Pandolin Awards

By  •  3 years ago

Winners of Pandolin Awards 2014!
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Pandolin AwardsAwards 2013

Pandolin Technical Awards 2012 – 2013

By  •  4 years ago

Pandolin honors the people who make people on screen look good and stories come alive. Pandolin announced it’s technical awards personally to all the winners & they were nothing less than pleasantly surprised, check out the list of winners and what they had to say.
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