Pandolin honors technicians who make our actors on screen look good and bring stories to life. Pandolin announced it’s technical awards personally to all the winners who were pleasantly surprised. Check out the list of winners and what they had to say.

Cinematographer, Ravi Varman

“I am overwhelmed by this gesture of recognizing me as the Best Cinematographer for Barfi. I am speechless. No award has ever given me this satisfaction. As this is given by creative brains I value this more than anything.” 


Production Designer, Rajat Poddar


“I congratulate Pandolin for starting this fantastic journey toward acknowledging people who work behind the camera. I wish you all the best for your endeavor.  Thank you so much.”

Shajith Koyeri

Sound Designer, Shajith Koyeri



“This is the first award I have received for Barfi this year. I am really thankful to Pandolin for giving me this acknowledgment. “

Namrata Rao

Editor, Namrata Rao


“Thank you Pandolin and to all the people who have voted for me. It’s very nice to get any kind of recognition for your work especially for Kahaani as it is a special film for me.”

Ninad Nayampally

Key Grip, Ninad Nayampally


“It’s quite exciting to get something like this as we never had an award especially for technicians. I hope Pandolin grows bigger and better and wish them all the best.” 

Ramesh Sadrani

Gaffer, Ramesh Sadrani (Source: Facebook)


“It’s an honor to be a part of a film like Talaash.  It feels really great to be receiving an award for this film. Thank you all and especially Pandolin for giving me and my work such a recognition. It’s truly amazing. “

Ken Metzker

Colorist, Ken Metzker

“It is really great to see an award that honors a colorist. I am very happy with the concept. And then to win the award is even more amazing. Thank you for the honor.”