The three innovative online story-telling platforms, Preety Ali, co -founder of Humaramovie, along with Tanmay Bhat co-founder of AIB and Chintan Ruparel co-founder of Terribly Tiny Talkies participated in a panel discussion on “Telling a Story” hosted by Fanfest Academy of YouTube on Thursday afternoon.

Humaramovie, AIB (All India Bakchod) and Terribly Tiny Talkies have emerged as few of the most promising and prolific content creating companies in the digital space/ medium. The panelists at the discussion shared their learnings and examinations on creating well-written content for YouTube and the ways in which you keep your audience coming back for more.

Humaramovie has created a niche for itself as a studio producing and curating short form content. They have taken this to the next level through “Shuruaat Ka Interval”- a festival that gave theatrical debuts to 8 filmmakers through an anthology of short films.

Preety Ali, one of the three founders of Humaramovie along with Pallavi Rohatgi and Vinay Mishra, said, “This is my first time on the panel but it was really interesting. Humaramovie is receiving a good response and now we are looking forward to doing web series and making large form content for the channel.”

Tanmay Bhat of AIB said, “I loved being on the panel, I have done so many of these panels with YouTube now. I have also subscribed to Humaramovie and I like a lot of films they have produced, I watch them whenever I get time.”

Chintan Ruparel of Terribly Tiny Talkies, said, “It was good to be on the panel, there were some interesting learning and good jokes, so it was fun. I have seen a bunch of stuff from Humaramovie and I liked them a lot.”

Excerpts from the discussion:

Preety Ali on starting Humaramovie, said, “When we started, we had this thought that we wanted to enable everyone to tell a story, if they have a good story, they could come to us and if we like it, we will facilitate them to make it. I come from a traditional filmmaking background, have been associated with films and it’s difficult to make a commercial film, so with this thought of how can we help people tell the story they want to, we started with Humaramovie.”

Talking about how AIB came into being, Tanmay Bhat said, “It took us a long time to get convinced that we were up with a process, I have been writing for television for a long time, then we started doing stand up and this (AIB) was completely different. We really enjoyed being on the sets and directing actors and then sitting on edit and tingling with music, all of that is a really fun creative process. I enjoy the process more than the actual outcome because the process involves taking it from the writing stage to the actual product and the whole aim is to make the eventual gap between writing process and the eventual product as small as possible.”

Chintan Ruparel, on how he goes about choosing the film he wants to work on or not, says, It’s on Gut! That works for me at least but then we don’t restrict films that get made to our taste because then we are being too presumptuous. There are films that we have made that I haven’t liked personally but we know it would work with a certain set of an audience, but we don’t start everything that way. So we start with a good story and then go to the audience.”

About Humaramovie:
Humaramovie is founded by Preety Ali, Pallavi Rohtagi, and Vinay Mishra. It is a studio-cum-incubator lab ready to back talent pool with every resource possible and ready to lead them towards the next step – becoming the new face of Indian cinema.
It has produced over 200 films and releases a film every week (typically Tuesdays). It is known for producing the award-winning feature film- The Greater Elephant and curating “Shuruaat Ka Interval”- a festival that gave theatrical debuts to 8 filmmakers through an anthology of short films.