NFDC Film Bazaar extends deadline for submission of applications in Producers’ Lab till October 20, 2015.

Introduced in 2013, the Producers’ Lab was set up to help emerging producers cultivate a sense of vision to maintain a fine balance between the creative and financial aspects of filmmaking.

Spread over five days, the lab involves multiple sessions on the different facets of producing films, conducted by key industry experts and professionals. In previous years, sessions have been focused on the role of a producer, the development process of a film, raising finances, international co-productions, international sales, and alternative marketing and distribution platforms.

The end “deliverable” and take-away for each participant at the end of the Lab will be a pitch session of their own project presented in front of a panel of three mentors.

The lab also provides networking opportunities to producers from across the world with each day culminating in a networking cocktail that is attended by all the delegates at Film Bazaar.

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