Richa Chadha will soon be steering towards producing content. In 2017, Richa Chadha was a presenter for a friend’s short film Khon Aali Chithi which was released by Large Short Films. The actress is now well on her way to becoming a full fledged producer with the advent and launch of her own venture which she has individually launched. The venture will initially seek to produce features and innovative content and has already green lit its first project. This marks her first official production with her new venture with a feature film.

The first project that has been green lit by her banner is by a close friend of Richa’s, who approached her to produce a film written by her and wanted the actress to be associated with the feature. Her friend Shuchi Talati is a New York based filmmaker who’s written an untitled project which is a coming of age teenage love story. Shuchi is a close friend of Richa’s who she studied with in college (Mumbai) and the alliance was a good opportunity for Richa to steer her way into production alongside.

Shuchi Talati, Filmmaker

Speaking about it, Richa said, “In today’s day and age, actors are moving towards producing content by themselves in a serious way. An actor or more so an artist today isn’t bound by just acting in front of the screen – given the space and opportunity that there is today – an actor can write, direct, produce and do much more. There are so many great examples we have of actors who are both successful in front of the screen but are also pioneering and championing content as producers, writers and directors. I’m glad that Shuchi asked me to produce this feature for her as it has given me an opportunity too for the commencing my little venture. We are in process of finishing formalities for the name of the venture amongst other things, but I am glad my first feature is with a dear friend.”

Richa Chadha