In an interview, Director Sachin Kundalkar opened about his film "Rajwade and Sons" and much more.

Director Sachin Kundalkar talks about his film Rajwade and Sons.


Idea of the film:

This is not just a film about a joint family; it’s a film about my city, Pune. I’m not from a joint family but I’ve grown up in India where the common belief is that of “we the people”. And my struggle has always been that of “I am” as against “we the people”. I wanted to capture this struggle through the structure of a joint family and their insecurities. These stories of struggle, of individuality, are visible in Pune.

On the character sketch and casting:

We always give qualities to our characters. So I had Lord Krishna in mind for Shubhankar, Ram for Vidyadhar and so on. I kept referring to animation, comics, rock bands etc. for inspiration. I’ve been honoured and pampered to have the three biggest names Atul Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar and Mrinal Kulkarni, on board. The right cast always bring a lot of energy to the film. I’ve never had a casting director. I’m extremely pampered for choice because the Marathi industry is never short of choices. Our actors are always ageless.

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From the Q & A of Rajwade and Sons
Director Sachin Kundalkar opens about his film "Rajwade and Sons" in an interview.