Released in Cinemas on July 12. Produced under Anurag Kashyap’s AKFPL and TUMBHI, Shorts has five award-winning short stories by five new directors. The movie is a rare opportunity for cinema lovers who wished they could watch short films in a theater at the go. It isn’t an attempt at compiling similar thematic movies and emerging a one-point notion out of the package. The five movies are all distinctive and highly individualistic recent short films from India.

Sujata by Shlok Sharma, A story of a victim of sexual abuse and how her life unfolds thereafter.
The Epilogue by Siddharth Gupt, Exceptional cinematography that will let you enter the protagonist’s mind, trapped in an obsessive love-affair.
Audacity by Anirban Roy, A suspense comic drama that captures lives in Kolkata exploring new horizons to the much discussed generation gap.
Mehfuz by Rohit Pandey A dark tale about the repercussions when a cremator of unclaimed bodies falls in love.
Shor by Neeraj Ghaywan, Shor presents the struggle of young couples trying to survive the grimness of the Maxim city, Mumbai and remaining in love.

As diverse as they could get, the five shorts give you a unique experience of Indian Cinema with a few spectacular performances.