Their music is a reflection of their personal energy and Punjabi roots. They are currently the front runners in the music industry who have the nation swaying to their beats. Introducing, The Meet Bros – Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh who were honored with the 61st Filmfare award for Best Music. Here’s what they have to say about their music, personal style, inspirations and more.

Harmeet Singh and Manmeet Singh at the 61st Filmfare awards

Harmeet Singh and Manmeet Singh at the 61st Filmfare awards

Let’s start with your foray into music. You’ve been around for a long time, evolved and sustained. How did it happen and how has it been?

Manmeet Singh (MS) – We feel that we are still evolving and are far away from sustaining. Sustaining is a very big word in our industry. I would say someone like Pritam has sustained because he has been around for about ten years now & has been giving hits for the past eight years. So in terms of success and meeting people’s expectations I think Pritam or A.R Rahman Sir are the people who can actually say that they’ve sustained.  

The only thing that works with us is that we’re very impromptu, we don’t plan anything. Music comes to us, we don’t go to music. Whatever you hear from us is who we are. We’re not trying to imitate anyone.

How has your journey been so far?

MS – We’ve been around for many years though people think that the Meet Bros have just come out of no where. Our first song (Tap Tap Paani) came out in 2002 and that’s nearly 14 years ago. So 14 saal ka vanvas tha humara, but we were never worried or depressed about anything in life. We were only figuring out what to do and were in the process of making a lot of attempts – acting, production etc. We were trying to figure how to proceed and sustain in Mumbai. So initially we didn’t really get what we wanted, but we have always been happy and content with whatever we had. We never imagined that our songs will become such huge hits and that we’ll get so many awards. There are certain people who actually aspire for all these things, aim and work towards it and when they get it, they can say that their dream has come true. I don’t think we’re in a position to say that because we never aspired for all this.

Talking about Roy, it was one of the most popular albums last year and also got you the Filmfare award. What goes into the making of such an album? Were you confident of such a response?

Harmeet Singh (HS) – Technically everyone’s working and doing their best. So if you have to take the credit of making a hit song, I totally believe that it’s a spiritual reason and can’t be technical. The technicians are the same, it’s the same lyricists and singers who are singing for everyone. But we personally feel that there is a blessing by God. We are the same people who were in this industry for 15 years. If we had to make music, we could’ve made it earlier too. But it just happened one fine day that we started creating music and ‘Baby Doll’ happened to us. Like Manmeet mentioned, music comes to us. The way you cannot see air, but you can feel it. In the same way music just comes to you and you can feel it. You can’t plan it. You just have to be very honest. And I think our secret is honesty. We never cheat anyone and make sure that everybody gets their payments on time, and these very indirect answers help us in our composition.


Meet Bros performing at an event

Meet Bros performing at an event

Out of all the songs that you’ve done so far, what defines your personal style?

MS – I think ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ and ‘Baby Doll’ is who we are. Because they are peppy, happy, energetic songs that make you feel good. We are very positive people and we like positivity and happiness around us.

Most of your songs have been upbeat party songs. Do you’ll plan to dabble in something contrasting?

MS – Our romantic musical side is yet to be seen. People feel that we are just good with party songs and all our party songs became hits, but that’s not true. It’s just that once you give a hit in a specific genre, everybody expects the same genre from you. So we’re just caught in that web but we’re trying to break it and we’ll break it pretty soon.


So you’ll do have plans of venturing into different styles of music?

Yes!  We’re already working on it.

What is your opinion of the current music scene in the industry?

HS – I think I’ve started listening to others music after a very long time. I wasn’t liking the music between 1998 – 2008, but Pritam and Himesh (Reshammiya) brought in some nice melodies like R D Burman. And now music is just growing, specially because of the digital aspect. My latest favorite track is ‘Nikke Nikke Shots.’ So my point is that people are making great music and finally the audience is enjoying the music. The market has opened up and people are liking all genres. It’s good news for the music industry that a new style of music is coming in. There is a trend of singles which is also very interesting, because everybody gets to work and there are more opportunities for everyone. A lot of youngsters are making good music and voices like Arijit (Singh) and Kanika (Kapoor) are the new hit voices. Celebrities are also getting into singing because it’s big. We made a single with Sonakshi Sinha while Salman (Khan) Bhai sang for us in Kick. And people are liking the voices of actors also, so you can say that the audience is becoming very accepting.

Meet Bros with Salman Khan

Meet Bros with Salman Khan

Kanika Kapoor has been the voice of several of your successful songs. How has the collaboration been?

MS – We have been childhood friends with Kanika and have always recognised the music in her. She had moved to London but she always wanted to sing though that could never happen. She kept telling us that we should do something. One day when Ekta (Kapoor) called and told us to give her a different song, we called Kanika to sing for us. It just had to happen. And whenever we come together, we have fun. Till the time you’re having fun with what you’re doing, it all comes out well.

How challenging is it to work as a duo? How do you deal with creative disagreements?

HS – It’s a natural process. Any two people working together have disagreements. But everywhere there are terms and conditions, in the same manner, two brothers can have their terms and work together.


Who has been your inspiration in life?

MS – No one. We were never learned musicians but we’ve studied a lot of music passionately but not from the point of view that we’ll technically learn and get inspired by people. We have our own style and our style is called ‘versatile’.

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