Shaad Randhawa is known for his roles in films like Woh Lamhe, Aashiqui 2, Ek Villian and more recently Mastizaade. But this time the actor is in the news for a very unique project. Randhawa, in association with Rockafella Media, has instituted an unconventional web series that documents the lives and works of good samaritans in our society. Titled Super Souls, the series aims to help grow this chain of positive people in the world and spread the message that ‘Charity is about time and not money’.

We get Shaad to talk about the process of finding these ‘super souls’ and what makes this series special and essential in today’s time.

Shaad Randhawa -

Shaad Randhawa with one of the ‘Super Souls’

How did this unconventional subject for a web series take birth?

My team and I were discussing ways through which we could reach out to maximum number of people. That’s when we came across this noble idea. I thought that making a video about these people with just me talking about them would not be right. So the idea to document them working tirelessly and selflessly dawned upon us. So far, we have done three videos and have planned many more. The first video was about the volunteers on Carter Road who get together and teach kids every day, absolutely free of cost, and also provide them with all kinds of stationery. While the second video was about people who take care of stray dogs. However, some of them were not comfortable in talking about it. In fact, one of them didn’t want to face the camera at all. So it’s only her voice that you get to hear. The third video is about a gentleman called Mark D’Souza who takes care of elderly people. He personally visits their houses and feeds them because he wants them to feel that there is someone for them.

Such stories need to be told and we need to speak about such genuine work. In today’s world, there are people who are fighting against all odds to make the world a better place. I feel that the world needs to know these great people who are working relentlessly for mankind.

Is there a particular criteria for choosing these ‘super souls’?

As I mentioned earlier, the people and the subjects in each video are different. It’s just about documenting the goodness of people. I personally believe that everyone has goodness within them and if even one per cent of the audience gets inspired by watching these videos, it is a win – win situation. We have to water the goodness in everybody. And I am doing it by being part of these videos.

The idea is to channelize good energies and not monetize them

The series emphasizes on the fact that charity is about time and not money. What are your thoughts on it?

Absolutely! When I was working with my team, everyone said that charity requires a lot of money. But I disagreed. I feel that charity requires time more than anything else. And that is far more valuable than money. If you are giving 2-3 hours a day to take care of aged people, animals, street children or anyone else, you are giving a part of your life which is never going to come back. The people that I have met and the enriching experiences that I’ve had are incomparable to anything. These souls are working for people without expecting anything in return. They never asked me to make a video on them. They just concentrate on the work that they are doing.

In fact Meena ma’am, one of the people who teaches these kids said, “This is my elixir of life, this is what I wake up to every morning and feel so happy about. Once you get addicted to this niceness, this ‘tyaag’ (sacrifice), you don’t need anything else in life. There is no better high than giving in the world.” And that makes a lot of sense. Nothing can match the happiness that you get from working for the community. Thus the idea is to channelize good energies and not monetize them.


Shaad Randhawa -

The making of Super Souls

How many episodes have you’ll planned for the series?

We are in the process of making the fourth episode. And I want to continue making them without stopping. There are so many people out there who are doing positive, society changing work and people need to know about them. Why do we only talk about the bad things? I sincerely feel that there is a lot of goodness around us, which gets hidden due to negativity. In fact, we have even provided our email address the audience to share such good work with us, which we can highlight.

I sincerely feel that there is a lot of goodness around us, which gets hidden due to negativity

Also, tell us about your association with Rockafella Media for this project.

Rockafella Media is technically involved in the project, from the conceptualization to shooting, editing, and marketing the product. They also help me choose the people to feature.

You will soon be seen in the short film Raakh with Richa Chadha and Vir Das. What is the film about and what drew you to be part of it? 

Prachi Thadani, who is a friend, wanted to make a short film. She has been part of the production for many films and has worked with big banners like Nadiadwala et al. She met Milap Zaveri (Writer- Director) and together they came up with the idea for this short film. They narrated it to me and I loved it.

The film has turned out very well. Milap has shown it to some people from the industry and they have responded well to it. Abbas Mustan, Nikhil Advani, Satish Kaushik and Komal Nahta have also tweeted about it. We will be releasing it in November. It is a short but entertaining film, which has been treated like a feature film.


Shaad Randhawa -

The making of Super Souls

Is it a conscious decision to focus on mediums other than just films as these mediums are getting increasingly popular?

To be honest, nothing exciting has come my way after Aashiqui 2 and Mastizaade. I can’t do anything that doesn’t excite me to get up and go to work in the morning. I am blessed that I have a choice to choose, that people like my work and give me options. Everybody wants to do feature films but good work should come your way.

Everybody wants to do feature films but good work should come your way

Do you think that mediums like short films and web series are beneficial for actors? 

I am only doing what I am interested in doing. Whether it is Super Souls or Raakh. I loved both the ideas so the medium doesn’t matter. As long as I am loving what I am doing, I don’t really care about the medium. In fact, the web is the future, isn’t it?


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