Melodious and soulful are some of the adjectives that best describe Ankit Tiwari’s music. From chartbusters like Sunn raha hai na tu to Galliyan, the musician has redefined romance in Hindi films. With some interesting projects lined up for the year, Ankit is excited about his latest number ‘Alfazon Ki Tarah’ for Rocky Handsome and an energetic number for the Box Cricket League (BCL) team, Lucknow Nawabs. Coming from a family of musicians, the talented singer-composer believes that he is just getting started in the music industry.

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari

Tell us about your initial days in the industry. How did you go from writing jingles to making chartbuster music?

I came to Mumbai in the year 2007 and started my struggle the usual way, like anybody else. I met a lot of directors and producers. I had to knock on a lot of doors, take appointments and sometimes those appointments would be cancelled at the last moment. At times someone would give me some small project or work. Luckily, I happened to meet Director Habib Faisal. I think he understood my music and therefore, offered me a project to work on. And, that is how my first movie, Do Dooni Chaar happened. But the movie did not get much visibility. Therefore, my struggle continued even after that. Then, came Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster in which I composed the theme track. Even that film did not work well musically and I continued struggling. But then, because I had done Do Dooni Chaar and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster I knew people and knew whom to meet and contact. I came across Vishesh Films and through them, established contact with Mohit Suri and that is how Aashiqui 2 happened.


Who has been the biggest musical influence in your life?

The biggest musical influence in my life has been my mother. I belong to a musical family, so music has always been a part of my house and therefore, a major source of inspiration. There was always an urge to learn music and over the years, I have dedicated myself to learning music.

The biggest musical influence in my life has been my mother

What kind of music are you most comfortable composing and signing?

I am relatively new to this industry and hence, I’ve done a limited number of projects. So far, it may appear that I have mostly sung songs in the romantic genre. But I am still a student in this industry and am still learning. There are more projects coming in and there will be different genres, which the audience will get to hear in the near future.

What are the factors that you consider before saying yes to a film?

I don’t have any elaborate factors or anything specific. But yes, I should feel the situation and moreover, I should feel that I can do justice to the film.

How did you bag your next, Rocky Handsome? And what was the core theme for the song, ‘Alfazon Ki Tarah’?

The director and producers of the film were looking for a song that could tell the entire story of the film. The film’s entire essence had to reflect in that one song. The producers came to me and they liked one song, which they thought suited the film and that is how Rocky Handsome happened.


The director and producers of the film were looking for a song that could tell the entire story of the film

You have composed and sung for this film. Is it easier to do both as compared to doing only one aspect of music?

Composing and singing are two very different things. For me there is no comparison between the two as I enjoy both these aspects of music. I love to sing and compose music alike.

Who would you say are your best collaborators in the industry?

In directors, my best collaboration is of course with Mohit Suri. The best collaboration with a singer would have to be with Shreya Ghoshal.

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari

You recently composed and sung the anthem for the BCL team, Lucknow Nawabs. How different was it from composing for a film?

Composing for the Lucknow Nawabs has been quite different as compared to movies. For one thing, here I have tried a different genre. The song is very energetic and peppy, it is a youth-centric song, and extremely sporty.

Also tell us about the single that you are working on.

We have locked the song and locked the location. The only thing that is left is the execution.

This is a vast industry where you have to struggle and most strugglers don’t even where to start from

Since you first started in the music industry, what are the changes that you have witnessed?

Aashiqui 2 brought in a new era in music where the demand for melodious songs has increased. Of late, there has been a rise in romantic songs. I don’t say that this has happened because of me, but I give the entire credit to the team of Aashiqui 2, because it’s due to them that this change has come in.


And is there anything specific about the music industry that you would like to change?

I have just stepped out of my struggling period. Not much time has passed for me to pinpoint a factor that I would like to change. But talking from my experience and struggle, there is one aspect that I would like to change. Though that aspect might never change because it has been going on from a long time, was there even when I was struggling and will probably be there in the future too. Our industry does not have a set organized format. This is a vast industry where you have to struggle and most strugglers don’t even know from where to start. The strugglers that come from outside to make it big in the industry should at least know from where to start. That’s one thing that I would really like to change.

Sur, Taal, and Laya are extremely important and should be innate in an artist

Tell us a little about your upcoming projects.

There are various projects that are coming up this year. Besides, Rocky Handsome, I am doing Do Lafzon Ki Kahani and Rustom, among other projects.

According to you, what are the three important lessons in music that an aspiring musician should master?

Sur, Taal, and Laya. They are extremely important and should be innate in an artist. Irrespective of whether the person is a painter, an actor or a musician you need to have these three things, only then can you become a good artist.

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