To celebrate Oscar season this month, Tata Sky ShortsTV has planned a power-packed schedule filled with carefully curated Academy acclaimed shorts.

Every evening at 9 pm, the channel will premiere a short film previously recognized by the Oscars. The shorts will come from varied genres (Live Action, Animation and Documentary) and will include titles such as The Voorman Problem, Bear Story and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore among others.

Tata Sky ShortsTV will also air a special Oscar marathon on the day of the Oscar ceremony (February 24th) with back-to-back Oscar films and interviews with Oscar nominated filmmakers.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive of Shorts International Ltd said, “The Oscars is one of the most awaited events by film audiences across the globe each year. ShortsTV has been bringing the Oscar Nominated Short Films to cinema and TV screens around the world for over a decade and we’re thrilled to be bringing them to Indian TV audiences for the first time”.

Speaking on the occasion, Arun Unni, Chief Content Officer, Tata Sky said, “Tata Sky ShortsTV is India’s first ever curated platform for short stories and films. Delivering on the promise of offering the best content to subscribers, premiering the prestigious Oscar recognized short films brought to India by ShortsTV, was an irresistible choice.”

The broadcast of previously nominated Oscar shorts on Tata Sky ShortsTV comes ahead of the theatrical release of the 2019 Oscar Nominated Shorts Films in Indian cinemas, details of which will be announced soon. The 2019 release will be the first time the Oscar Nominated Short Films will be screened in Indian cinemas and will give Indian short film fans the opportunity to see the latest Oscar nominated shorts on the big screen.


Schedule for the Oscar screening month – 



Sunday, 10th February

Cavedigger, directed by Jeffrey Karoff

An unsung land artist, who creates singular, cathedral-like sculptural caves with nothing but  hand tools and passion, struggles with unappreciative patrons, financial hardship, and his aging body. Nominated for Best Documentary Short Film – 2013 Academy Awards.

The Voorman Problem

Monday, 11th February

‘The Voorman Problem’, directed by Mark Gill

Doctor Williams is called in to examine the enigmatic Mr Voorman, a prisoner with a peculiar affliction: he believes he is a god. The Doctor must decide on the sanity of Mr Voorman – is he a faker or a lunatic? Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film – 2013 Academy Awards. Starring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander.


Bear Story

Tuesday, 12th February

‘Bear Story’, directed by Gabriel Osorio

An old, lonesome bear tells the story of his life through a mechanical diorama. Winner of Best
Animated Short Film – 2015 Academy Awards.


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Wednesday, 13th February

‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore’

A tale of a young man who wanders into a mysterious library where books literally come to life. Winner of Best Animated Short Film – 2011 Academy Awards.


Wild Life

Thursday, 14th February

‘Wild Life’, by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby

Calgary, 1909. An Englishman moves to the Canadian frontier, but is singularly unsuited to it. His letters home are much sunnier than the reality. Inter titles compare his fate to that of a comet. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film – 2011.


The Silence Beneath The Bark

Friday, 15th February

‘The Silence Beneath The Bark’, by Joanna Lurie

In the depths of a great forest clad in a great white mantle, curious little creatures discover how beautiful and fascinating and white snow is, as it whirls them giddily on their way to extraordinary encounters with the strange and wonderful. A nocturnal tale brimming with tenderness. Shortlisted for Best Animated Short Film – 2011 Academy Awards.


Tanghi Argentini

Sunday,17th February

‘Tanghi Argentini’, directed by Guido Thys

An office clerk with a hankering to tango enlists the support of a workplace colleague as he prepares for a date. It’s Christmas time and the concept of giving assumes fairy tale proportions in this beguiling modern story. Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2007 Academy Awards.



Sunday, 17th February

‘Kiruna-Kigali’, by Goran Kapetanovic

A young woman in Rwanda is about to give birth. The baby is turned the wrong way and her life is in danger. At the same time the water breaks for a woman in Sweden. She decides that she will cope with it herself; she refuses to accept any help. Shortlisted for Best Live Action Short Film – 2012 Academy Awards.


Even Pigeons Go To Heaven

Monday, 18th February

‘Even Pigeons Go To Heaven’, by Samuel Tourneux

On a moonlit fall night, a priest races to the home of Mr. Mouton running a motorcycle off the road
and arriving just in time to catch the old man as he falls from a chair on which he stacked books in
order to reach a bottle of cognac. Mr. Mouton is a miser with a sock full of money that the priest would like to appropriate by selling the old man a space capsule that will take him to paradise. After a test drive and some negotiation, the deal may be struck, but then, there’s a knock at the door. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film – 2007 Academy Awards.


French Roast

Tuesday, 19th February

‘French Roast’, by Fabrice O. Joubert

In a fancy Parisian Café, an uptight businessman discovers he forgot to bring his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film – 2009 Academy Awards.


The Runaway

Wednesday, 20th February

‘The Runaway’, directed by Ulrike Grote

A man is confronted by the six-year old son he didn’t know he had. Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film – 2005 Academy Awards.



Thursday, 21st February

‘Henry’, directed by Yan England

Henry, a great concert pianist, has his life thrown into turmoil the day the love of his life, Maria, disappears mysteriously. He’ll then discover the inevitable verdict of life. Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2013 Academy Awards.


Rise Of A Star

Friday, 22nd February

‘Rise of A Star’, directed by James Bort

Emma is about to be the new ballerina, but something upsets her. A secret. A secret liable to undermine what she has spent a whole life working on. Shortlisted for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2018 Academy Awards.


The Eleven O’Clock

Sunday, 24th February

‘The Eleven O’Clock’, directed by Derin Seale

The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they each attempt to treat each other the session gets out of control. Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film – 2018 Academy Awards.


Filmmaker Spotlight : Negative Space

Tuesday, 26th February

‘Filmmaker Spotlight’

Filmmaker Spotlight gives you an insight into the film making process by screening a short film along with an exclusive interview with the creator. In this episode, we speak to directors Max Porter; Ru Kuwahata about their 2018 Oscar nominated animation, ‘Negative Space’, which takes a nostalgic look at a father (a traveling businessman) and his complicated relationship with his left-behind son alongside the efficient skill of packing.


OSCAR MARATHON – ALL DAY – 24th February!