Three Humaramovie shorts, including actress Pallavi Joshi’s debut short, PRESSURE COOKER by Heena D’souza, LIFT by Ida Ali, THE COT by Gaurav Bakshi, will compete for the prestigious Black Lady.

From 1900 Entries, three Humaramovie shorts, including Pallavi Joshi’s debut short, PRESSURE COOKER by Heena D’souza, LIFT by Ida Ali, THE COT by Gaurav Bakshi, are nominated for the Jio Filmfare Short Film Awards 2018. This follows HumaraMovie winning the Filmfare with their short “Khamakha”, directed by Aarti Bagdi.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

The three shorts are among the 56 shortlisted films from the 1900 entries, which will compete for prestigious Black Lady.


Lift marks directorial debut of Imtiaz Ali’s 17-year-old daughter Ida Ali. The short stars Pavail Gulati and Ananya Sharma.

The Cot, by Gaurav Bakshi starring Manjari Fadnis and Rahul Bagga, is a hilarious take on the lack of privacy and the need for intimacy among the newlyweds.


Pallavi Joshi’s debut short as an actress, Pressure Cooker has her playing a middle-aged housewife who continues to stew in her mundane existence. She boils, sizzles, frets… but does she escape?


Directed by Heena D’souza, Pressure Cooker also stars Mukul Chadda and Rahul Bagga. Sunidhi Chauhan sang in the shortfilm


Vinay Mishra, the founder of Humara Movie, says HumaraMovie is extremely proud of the 3 films and the filmmakers. We won the filmfare last year with Khamakha and we are very hopeful with these films too. HumaraMovie has always encouraged talent and its amazing to see that it is getting recognized“




Pallavi Joshi, says “I always thought of making a short film and then Heena came to me with this. I wasn’t very sure to do this, but when she narrated it, i thought it was the cutest and a real story I ever heard in my life and how pressure of the cooker becomes one with the emotion of this women and I just had to be a part of it.”


She adds, “I don’t think I could have chosen a better film to debut in this new format of short films. I hope this film wins a lot of awards”


Heena D’souza, the director of Pressure Cooker, says “for me was a balancing act. We had to balance the romanticization of the nostalgia of 90s with the rough edges of the life of an Indian middle class house wife, which hasn’t changed much. It is overwhelming to see the praise and acknowledgement that the film is receiving


She adds, I’m ecstatic to be nominated! Executing a script like this was quite a challenge for me, considering the characters seem so universal. So what could we do differently then? That’s where Pallavi Joshi worked her magic! The way she has unraveled the character is absolutely brilliant. I’m in awe of Pallavi Joshi! She unraveled the character beautifully.


Ida Ali, the director of Lift shares her joy, says “ It is unbelievable. It took a while to settle in because I didn’t imaginethat it would be picked from a lection of 1,900 films. I am just happy about the fact that people out there are understanding an connecting with my film“

The Cot

The Cot

Gaurav Bakshi, the director of The Cotsays “It’s quite surreal to be nominated for Filmfare awards of any sort. I wanted to make a light and slightly raunchy film with a song, and this was a very sweet script. In a cramped city like Mumbai its not easy to find privacy and even a tiny squeak can make things head “south” very quickly – Gaurav Bakshi


Lift Synopsis:

Amidst the daily crowd of their building’s lift, Arjun and Tanya keep shying away from each other until they finally build up courage to introduce themselves. See how their story develops within this confined space.


Pressure Cooker Synopsis: 

In the India of 1990’s, which hadn’t yet opened up to the glitter of free market and unimaginable choices, monotony had a flavour attached to it, which was crafted with utmost care and attention over the years. What happens when a lonely home maker from lower middle class Mumbai starts getting a taste of novelty, through a metaphorical new automatic pressure cooker and the attraction from a younger man. Will she be able to allow new commodities to enter the floodgates of her world? Pressure Cooker is an effort to look at the changing modernising  worlds of commodity and sexuality in an era where change of anything, especially of a kitchen appliance was a deeply emotional issue, from the eyes of a middle aged Mumbai woman.


The Cot Synopsis:

A newly married couple are keen to enjoy the pleasures of sex but their old cot is a squeaker! He can’t proceed as he imagines the whole world hearing and watching them in the act. But he’s also scared that his wife believes his ‘skills’ are deteriorating. Our hero realizes that he will have to buy a new cot but can he convince his old fashioned ‘head-of-the-house’ father?


About Humaramovie:

Humaramovie is founded by Preety Ali, Pallavi Rohatgi, and Vinay Mishra. It is a studio-cum-incubator lab which partners with young, upcoming talent to create a path for the content of a new India.


Humaramovie has produced over 400 shortfilms, worked with over 250 talented filmmakers, and has released 3 features successfully. Its last venture “Shor se Shuruaat” was a critical and commercial success. It is available on satellite and OTT platforms. HM believes in new talent and is working actively to partner with these talented filmmakers to make great content.