Tunnel – Old wine. But way different bottle!

A guy is driving through a tunnel and it caves in. He’s stuck. Forced to drink his urine etc. etc. We’ve heard this story and watched these kinds of film many times. I read the synopsis and didn’t expect much. But it’s a Korean film and I like Korean films, so I went.

It was a case of under promise and over delivery! Brilliant performances. But more than that, amazingly witty script! In such horrible situations the scriptwriter has managed to be super witty leaving the audience clapping and laughing at the most tense moments! What I loved was this Korean sense of humour where the characters keep a completely straight face while delivering a witty dialogue!

It’s a satire on the system. The politics. The photo ops with the minister. The corruption in construction. The clumsiness of everything and everyone around.

Lee, the guy trapped delivers the most convincing performance. His sense of humour in his dicey situation makes you smile. Kim, the Rescue Chief, wins your heart. The wife’s role is not huge but is a constant tug and reminder.

There are so many thoughtful tiny elements throughout – the radio, the announcements and dedications for Lee on the radio. The dog.

Not once do you look around. The special effects are gripping. The camera keeps you involved throughout the 126-min story. You feel the tension. You feel Lee’s panic. His pain. The frustration. The irony. And of course, his despair.

Everyone had tears in their eyes. And everyone cheered the rescue team throughout the film. Everyone clapped after the film. The director Kim Seong-hun was around and spoke with the same wit at the beginning of the film.

It’s a nail-biting film. Literally. And if you’ve watched it as intensely as I did, you won’t be able to drive through a tunnel for a while!

Must watch at #IFFI2016