This year, the Work-In-Progress (WIP) program has introduced a separate section for feature documentary films to help promising documentary film projects find post-production funds, sales agents and film festival support.

The following films have been selected for the WIP program at the Hong Kong-Asia Film Forum (HAF) 17 – 


Dear Daughter ; Directed by Jo Cheng Oi-Yue

‘Dear Daughter ; by Jo Cheng Oi-Yue’

Academy Award-winning Hong Kong filmmaker Ruby Yang serves as the producer of director Jo Cheng Oi-Yue‘s first feature-length documentary, Dear Daughter. It is the story of hope in the life of a Vietnamese refugee 30 years after he fled from the war in Vietnam. In Hong Kong, he continues to be a prisoner of poverty, drugs and crime.


Far Away My Shadow Wandered ; Directed by Liao Jiekai 

Far Away My Shadow Wandered ; Directed by Liao Jiekai

Singapore director Liao Jiekai and choreographer Sudhee Liao co-direct the story about a young Japanese man who encounters a dancer as he returns to his hometown to reconcile with a promise made to his late grandfather to take over the family Shinto shrine.


Loma – Our Home ; Directed by Huang Hui-Chen 

Loma – Our Home ; Directed by Huang Hui-Chen

Acclaimed director Hou Hsiao-Hsien of Taiwan is among the producers of Huang Hui-Chen’s documentary ‘Loma – Our Home’, her passionate examination of an ethnic Chinese journalist who joins forces with an indigenous tribe, whose illegal houses were repeatedly torn down by the Taiwanese government.


Nomad Meets The City ; Directed by Anji Sauve Clubb

Nomad Meets The City ; Directed by Anji Sauve Clubb

Anji Sauve Clubb’s first feature-length film ‘Nomad Meets The City’ records a herder’s struggle to survive and adapt in the face of the modern world’s demands, capturing an emotional pulse of changing times and how the herder lost his nomadic roots to the city.


Odoriko ; Directed by Okutani Yoichiro

‘Odoriko ; Directed by Okutani Yoichiro’

Okutani Yoichiro’s Odoriko is an immersive journey into the dressing rooms of the Japanese strip theaters, where Odoriko dancers bare before all.


On High Ice ; Directed by Gary Kam Byung-Seok

On High Ice ; Directed by Gary Kam Byung-Seok

Gary Kam Byung-Seok’s ‘On High Ice’ follows the struggle of a group of girls in the Himalayan desert to uplift the stature of Indian women through Ice Hockey. It was selected for the main HAF program last year.


The Platform 

‘The Platform’

The Platform records the drastic changes of an old railway platform in a remote valley of Georgia within a span of five years, due to the new Silk Road railway route construction.


The River In Me ; by Ke Yongquan, Yang Zhinchun and He Yuan

The River In Me

For two years, Ke Yongquan, Yang Zhinchun and He Yuan have followed Su Yang – a contemporary artist living in the Yellow River Basin, and four traditional artists who have influenced Su’s work. The criss-crossing stories of these five people track the lives of today and explore the common future of the land and its’ culture.


Silence in The Dust ; Directed by Li Wei

‘Silence in the dust’ by Li Wei

Silence in the Dust directed by Li Wei, demonstrates the hardships of a family that suffers from pneumoconiosis.