Akshay Kumar is one actor who aces both action and comedy with ease. After delivering hits with thrillers like Airlift and Baby, he is back to tickle our funny bone with his impeccable comic timing. The dynamic actor who has been a constant in all the installments of the successful Housefull franchise returns in Housefull 3. Having completed 25 years in the industry, Akshay believes in constantly changing and challenging himself. It is this belief that drives his versatile choice of roles.Here he sheds light on his character in the upcoming comedy, his affinity towards the franchise and his journey in the film industry.

Akshay Kumar in Housefull 3

Akshay Kumar in Housefull 3

You return to the Housefull franchise for the third time. How was the experience this time around?

It felt extremely good, in fact, there was sense of relief because working on Housefull is a stress buster for me. But on the other hand, shooting it was a bit exhausting because we were doing long stretches of dialogues in one take. It wasn’t like we said one statement and then it was cut to another actor. But it was nice to return to the sets of Housefull because it has been two years since I have done any kind of comedy or even cracked a joke.


What sets Housefull 3 apart from the earlier two films?

Though the genre is the same, the major difference is in the characters. We have new characters and new situations. If you’ve liked part one and two, then I’d say that you watch part three, you will surely enjoy it.

Since this is the third installment in the franchise, were you apprehensive of reaching a saturation point in terms of comedy?

To be honest, I don’t think there is a saturation point because you can keep doing a lot of things in comedy. You can improvise, innovative and explore completely new aspects in comedy.


What is your character in the film like?

I play a wannabe football player who wants to play for the English Premier League, but instead I am working as a water boy. I am trying to get into the league, but my coach is a racist who keeps telling me, ‘Get out, you Indian.’ This constant nagging and the pressing word being ‘Indian’, leads the character to develop a split personality. Though this is a serious problem, the movie is a comedy, so we have showed it in a funny manner.

What is it about the Housefull franchise that keeps drawing you to it?

Well, I have a great rapport with the producer, who is a dear friend of mine (smiles). Moreover, this is a great stress buster, so I went ahead with it.

In the last two years, you’ve been part of just one comedy film while the others belonged to serious genres. Was it a conscious decision?

I don’t want to develop a particular image. I don’t want to be called an action hero or a comic hero; I want to keep changing and challenging myself because I can get bored easily. That’s the reason I try to finish a movie in around 40 days and move on to the next movie.


Having completed 25 years in the film industry, what do you attribute your success to?

I have worked hard to reach where I am, but there are many more talented good looking people and they too deserve fame. But there are so many people who have been struggling for years without much success. Therefore, I attribute my success to luck.

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