43rd IFFI - The Official first look of KAMASUTRA 3D to be released at IFFI 2012 Rupesh Paul

Goa, 21st November, 2012: ‘Kamasutra 3D’, the movie directed by Rupesh Paul will hit theaters in the centenary year of Indian Cinema. The first look trailer of the movie will be released in IFFI2012. The Rupesh Paul Productions Limited, the official production house of the movie is here in the film bazaar, for promotions. The movie grabbed international attention through the casting of sex icon Sherlyn Chopra to the lead. Rest of the casts list will be out by this week, as the production team confirms. The posters of the movie have launched in the American Film Market.

Rupesh Paul, the director of the movie, made his entry through the Hollywood Production of the first ever 3D movie in Dracula series, ‘Saint Dracula’. Sherlyn Chopra, the Playboy cover girl has signed to be in the lead of the movie. Sherlyn Chopra is a known singer, actor and model in the Bollywood. As the title suggests, the movie is based on the Indian Epic narrative, ‘Kamasutra’. The text became was well received in Western Countries than ‘Mahabharatha’ and ‘Bhagavatgeetha’.

Unlike, the 1996 movie, ‘Kamasutra, A Tale of Love’ directed by Mira Nair, this movie will have nude appearances of the Indian born talented actress. Yet another highlight is that the most debated text turns to be 3D. The production team claims that the movie is all set in the backdrop of the real historical milieu. ‘Kamasutra 3D’ would be the first in the ‘Kamasutra trilogy’ and the  second and the third would be 4D and 5D respectively.

The Epic narrative, ‘Kamasutra’ written by Vatsyayana between 400 BCE and 200 CE, has later been modified to ‘Anangaranga’ by Kalyana Malla, the poet of Ahmed Khan Lodi in the 1500’s. The new text proved to have a greater commitment towards the welfare of the empire, society and human relations. It aims specifically to prevent the separation of a husband and wife. Rupesh, the director was motivated by the new text and his movie will be an adaptation of the same. He says, the movie will cross all the false barriers set in our Indian tradition regarding our value and moral systems.
He promises to do complete justice to our rich culture and heritage.

43rd IFFI – The Official first look of KAMASUTRA 3D to be released at IFFI 2012


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