[box_light]Do you know? The speed at which cherry blossoms fall… 5 centimeters per second. At what speed must I live… to be able to see you again?[/box_light]

5 Centimeters Per SecondA tale of two people, Takaki and Akari are two classmates in elementary school. During their time together they have become close friends but gradually grow farther and farther apart as time moves on. Their relationship is tested when Akari moves to another city because of her parents’ jobs yet continue to exchange contact in the form of letters. Both of them struggle to keep their friendship alive, as time and distance slowly pulls them apart. Years pass and the rift between them grows ever larger. However, Takaki remembers the times they have shared together, but as life continues to unfold for him, he wonders if he would be given the chance to meet Akari again as the tale embarks on Takaki’s realization of the world and people around him.

The film won the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize at the Future Film Festival for best movie in animation or special effects. It won the Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. The limited edition DVD of the film was ranked 3rd on the Tohan charts between 18–24 July 2007, while the regular edition of the film was ranked 7th. The film was Japan’s fourth most popular Blu-ray film in 2008.

5 Centimeters Per Second is a visual poetry and a must watch for every anime fan.

5 Centimeters Per Second


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