Actors do several things when it comes to essay their role authentically. It seems like for his upcoming film Vicky Kaushal did that and much more. The actor took it onto himself to make sure his character of Raghav comes to life as believable as possible. These are things you don’t believe Vicky did to become Raghav of Raman Raghav 2.0

  1. He took to smoking, literally! Not being a smoker himself, Vicky smoked 3-4 packets of cigarettes a day to embody his character of a chain smoker and drug abuse
  2. His character was so engrossing and disturbing that he landed up losing sleep on most nights through the shoot! He developed habitual insomnia only to later overcome it
  3. Vicky literally disconnected himself! He became a loner, he disconnected himself socially, even from his family while the  shoot was underway. Not just that he kept his mobile phone away completely for the time of the shoot!
  4. For his audition, Vicky isolated himself in a an apartment for 4 days in complete darkness to prep for his audition
  5. Vicky even went through a major physical transformation! He had to lost all his bulk and turn lean. For that he had to skip drinking water most of the days of the shoot!
Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal