With a promise to take the film festival to 16 cities across India, the 5th Jagran Film Festival promises to keep the momentum on, the final day of the festival was an absolute treat for movie lovers and a learning experience for those more serious about the business. Needless to say that people will be talking about this one for a sometime to come. Scheduled between July 5, 2014 to July 8, 2014 the festival concluded with a lot of inspiration and excitement amongst the audience.

After three days of celebrating cinema, the final few films screened today included The Tale of Nayachampa (Bengali), Kerala Verma Pazhassi Raja (Malayalam), A Rainy Day (Marathi ), Ankhon Dekhi (Hindi), Dekh Tamasha Dekh (Hindi), Punjab 1984 (Punjabi), A woman as a friend (Italian), Barbarians (Serbian), The Man of the Crowd (Portuguese), Bad Hair (Spanish), Madras Café (Hindi) and Revival (Czech Republic).

The last of the 5th Jagran Film Festival, New Delhimaster classes were conducted by Sanjeev Gupta (Director-Q), Cyrus Dastur (Founder-Shamiana), Rajendra Talak and Manoj Srivastava on ‘Starting Small with Shorts’. This session was an interesting conversation where short films as not just a starting point, but also a genre that is budding and being explored more by even established directors was discussed. Right from the treatment of short films to the kind of gear to be used was touched upon and talked about in this session.

The second master class was ‘Writing on Cinema-What You Need to Know,’ was chaired by Feroz Abbas, Ajay Brahmatmaj, Ajit Rai and Manoj Srivastava. It was moderated by Prakash K Ray. ‘The session was important and interesting for all those interested in becoming the future ‘critics’ of cinema. The discussion revolved around the need for critics themselves to study cinema in particular and arts in general, to know the masters and their work, to have a understanding of the growing trends worldwide and a perspective towards what’s being made in the country and why? A very interesting discussion as everything from sociology to psychology and of course movies was discussed.

Well, the fourth day has gone and 5th Jagran Film Festival, New Delhi has come to an end. But not so soon! The festival is now set to travel to the next 15 cities with their interesting lineup of films for cinema lovers across the country.