The 6th edition of the Persistence Resistance Documentary Festival will take place from Feb 16- 20, 2014. The festival will take place across three venues which are: Goethe Institute- Max Mueller Bhavan, India International- Main Auditorium and Khoj International Artists’ Association. ‘ Kya Hua Iss Shehar Ko’  (1986), a documentary on the communal violence in Hyderabad by Deepa Dhanraj will be the inaugural film at the festival. Another film by Deepa Dhanraj based on family planning called ‘Something Like a War’ (1991) will also be screened.

Manak Matiyani, along with Anjali Monteiro and K.P Jayasankar will be discussing ‘Shared Practice’. Yasmin Kidwai’s ‘No Problem’ which was the winner of River to River at Florence Indian Film Festival, 2013, will also be screened. The controversial film, ‘Red Ant Dream’ by Sanjay Kak, will also be screened at the festival.

Sanjay Kak will also be a panelist along with Rupleena Bose on a discussion on ‘Bidesia and Beyond: Subaltern Realities’. The audiences will also the screening of ‘Can we see the baby bump please’ (2013) by Surabhi Sharma.

Mallika Shakya, Surabhi Sharma and Sanjay Kak will be the panelists on the discussion on ‘Words on Water: Nation and Truth’. The closing film of the festival will be Spandan banerjee’s ‘To Let’.

This year, unlike the previous editions of Persistence Resistance, the number of screenings is low. This is to achieve better and greater interaction with the filmmakers.

The discussions include:

  • Subject and Power
    Conversation with Deepa Dhanraj and Navroze Contractor
    Discussants: Pankaj Butalia, Dr. Madhavi Menon
  • Bidesia and Beyond: Subaltern Realities
    Conversation with Surabhi Sharma
    Discussants: Sanjay Kak, Rupleena Bose
  • Shared Practice
    Conversation with Anjali Monteiro and K.P Jayasankar
    Discussant: Manak Matiyani
  • Words on Water: Nation and Truth
    Conversation with Sanjay Kak
    Discussants: Mallika Shakya and Surabhi Sharma
  • Memories of Tibet: Finding my Character
    Conversation with Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam
    Discussants: Latika Gupta, Anupama Chandra
  • The Craft of Editing
    Conversation with Jabeen Merchant
    Discussants: Rahul Roy, Surabhi Sharma
  • My Camera: From Image to Story
    Conversation with RV Ramani
    Discussants: Surabhi Sharma and Anupama Srinivasan
  • You Don’t Belong: Language of New Cinema
    Conversation with Anupama Srinivasan, Spandan Banerjee, and Subasri Krishnan
    Discussant: Samina Misra

All the screening of films and sessions in the festival are free and open to all.