Bored of the same old ways of celebrating the day of love? This Valentine’s day take inspiration from our Bollywood heroes and heroines to take things a notch higher and celebrate in fully filmy style.

Aati Kya Khandala:


Such a fun and classic ‘Mumbai’ style way of talking to a girl, isn’t it? It may sound cheesy and overused but it never gets old. Khandala is and will always be a romantic spot. For runaways this is a home away from home. The dialogue gives you a mental picture of a foggy, hilly , picture-perfect sunset. This is a wonderful Valentine’s day plan for young as well as old lovers. So ask your girl if she wants to take a ride to Khandala and spend the day celebrating your love together.

Tu original piece hai maloom hai na tujhe? Aisa dosara nahi hai: 


Every girl would like to know that she is unique. What better day to say it to her than V-day? Sounds like a bird’s eye view to her. Her lover or admirer looking at her from an elevated platform and saying this genuinely and objectively. Take her horseback riding and see the sparkle in her eyes. Grab a horse-carriage, a tanga on juhu beach and enjoy a laugh with her. There’s nothing more romantic than some bhel and a great horse ride – maybe some heart shaped balloons too – proper Bollywood ishtyle?

Kahin na kahin, koi na koi mere liye banaya gaya hai:


The eternal, ‘Someone somewhere is made for you’. It cannot get flimier than this. Everyone pretty much knows where this dialogue is from. For India, these sentiments matter a lot even today. The young lovers maybe influenced by international trends of dating and the ‘no strings attached’ way of life but who are we kidding, somewhere deep down we all want to believe this. A great way to bring some Bollywood style romance on Valentine’s day would be to truly articulate this sentiment. Take a walk down memory lane of how you two met, the things you said to each other, the awkward moments and the easing into each other’s company. All the sweet moments that give you butterflies in your tummy everytime you think of them. Ten years from now these will still make you smile because they meant something to the both of you. If it was a coffee shop you met your love, begin there and walk the path that brought you where you are today. Relive those moments again on this special day.

Chahne aur haasil karne mein bahut fark hai, pyar sirf haasil karneka naam nahi, pyar dene ka naam hai:

aishwarya rai ajay devgan hum dil de chuke sanam

Deep and philosophical but these words probably ring true in every heart. This Valentine’s day give as much as you can, more than your daily quota of giving. Make him or her feel super special. Ways of doing it Bollywood style? Maybe some merchandise – same print t-shirts and pajamas to make it cute. It’s not about how much money you spend, but more about the gestures and you could do this in a million ways. The old school way would be flowers and a candle light dinner, the new school way could be some shots and dancing to alternative music, even if it’s at home. Truly reflect this sentiment this Valentine’s day.

Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye, tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaah ho jaye:

Fanaa Movie Image

Love has to be sensuous for lovers to get really intimate. Although this dialogue may have deeper meanings, on the surface it does sound sexy. Physical love definitely makes you more intimate with your partner. Get jiggy with it eh? Some bedroom romance is never a bad thing. A walk and a chat, some candles and wine – the best aphrodisiac for a romantic Valentine’s night. So get to know your partner better, discover something new in the bedroom, dare to do something naughtier than usual. This goes out to all the couples looking to solidify their relationships. Take that extra effort, that extra step and feel it in your soul.

Koi pyaar kare tumse kare, tum jaise ho waise kare, tumhe badal kar jo pyar kare, who pyaar nahin , sauda kare aur sahiba, pyar mein sauda nahin hota:


However cheesy you might call Bollywood, the dialogues often have hidden meanings. This one being one of them. Every relationship has ups and downs, butter smooth times and deep shit times. How you come out of hard times and keep smooth sailing, stand the test of time and come out of difficult situations together, will tell how far it can go. Often after a while, things that you loved about your partner start irritating you. This is true for pretty much all relationships. Make amends this Valentine ’s Day if you’re at this stage and if not add some extra love for a rainy day. Tell your partner the best things about them; that you love them the way they are. Do all the things you are not so into but your partner is and watch his or her face light up. Let that be your sweet Valentine gift this year. No material things – just simple giving more and asking for nothing in return. What does your partner love doing the most and you’re not too crazy about? Do it. If it means sitting at home and watching action movies, do it and do it right.

Kya koi kisi se itna pyaar kar sakta hai ke us ki jaan le le:


Yes sometimes love can be destructive. Are you one of those couples who are obsessing about your partner all the time and might smother them and kill the relationship in the process? Take a step back and set things right this Valentine’s Day. Freedom is paramount in any relationship. Let this be your day to let him or her go however far they want to. Let your partner choose what he or she wants to do this Valentine’s day even if it means no celebration. This is a tiny example but you know what you can add to your relationship to make it spicy right? Let everything you do today be an act of love and dedication to your partner. You know what your heart and soul wants, do it for yourself. Let the love for yourself reflect in your love for him or her. Let it not be about boundaries.

Itni shiddad se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hain…ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki sazish ki hain. Kehte hain ki agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puri kaynath usko tumse milane ki koshish main lag jaati hai:

Valentine 2

Who said Bollywood was shallow? The ever famous dialogue from Om Shanti Om stands tall and basically asks you to rise above all the difficulties that you may be facing. Valentine’s day is about celebrating the love you have for each other. Let this line be an inspiration for love all over the world. Do something crazy, do something funny. Write a song for your partner, make a mix tape even if it sounds lame or just order in Chinese. Let your love be all-encompassing. Ice-cream, movies, hot sex, holding hands, kissing in public. Go all out to make this Valentine’s day truly special.

– Shridevi

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