Documentary filmmaking is an intense process that requires a lot of preparation and thought. Here is a brief guide that one can refer to before setting out to shoot a documentary.

Definitely research - Spend maximum amount of time on research.

Invest time in your characters.

While studying documentaries, my teacher told, "When you make a film, have a screening in a room with all the people you have showcased and then have a glass of beer and if no one is offended, you have done a good job."

In today's day and age, with the digital camera, we just keep shooting. Sometimes, for the fear of not having enough I have had 3-4 cameras with 7-8 hard disks. You have to be thoughtful and choosy with what you want to shoot.

Find a good editor and you need to spend a lot of time with the person so that you'll are in sync, even to the point of how you see life.-Rinku Kalsy