ABCD Any body can dance

ABCD: Any body can dance

A leading South Korean Film Production house is in talks with UTV Motion Pictures to buy the remake rights of the film ABCD: Any Body Can Dance, India’s first 3D dance film.

Psy, who became a global phenomenon with his most-downloaded music video, is all set to play the lead character essayed by Prabhudeva in the Hindi original.

Executives from the Korean production house are likely to visit the Mumbai office of UTV to ink the deal and officially buy the rights to remake the dance film.

“The South Korean film production house has been communicating with the UTV officials to purchase the remake rights. The plan is to have a South Korean version for which some officials will soon fly down to India,” a source at UTV said.

“The South Korean filmmakers have liked the script and the presentation, which their audience can relate to. Korea normally specializes in violent films and story-based drama but is largely low on dance-based films. They plan to officially buy the rights so that they can make the film in their own style and by adding many of their local dance forms,” Remo said.

“Stories of underdogs make for interesting plots but the Korean filmmakers plan to have their own interpretation of the dance film, which is growing as a prominent genre,” added Remo, who is already starting the script of a sequel to ABCD.

ABCD was made on a modest budget of Rs 12 crore and featured participants and winners of various reality TV dance shows along with Prabhudeva and K.K. Menon.

The small-budget film saw collections worth Rs 37 crore, which makes it a hit.

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ABCD all set to go Korean with Psy


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